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chroma.js is a tiny JavaScript library (12kB) for dealing with colors!

Vibrant.js - Extract prominent colors from an image.

Extract prominent colors from an image. Vibrant.js is a javascript port of the awesome Palette class in the Android support library.



Waveform.js makes drawing SoundCloud waveforms simple and lets you style and color them the way you want it. It comes as a small JavaScript library and is using a lightweight service hosted on that translates the waveform images provided by SoundCloud into floating points.


Snap.svg - Home

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The JavaScript SVG library for the modern web.


Packery is a JavaScript layout library that uses a bin-packing algorithm. This is a fancy way of saying “it fills empty gaps.” Packery layouts can be intelligently ordered or organically wild. Elements can be stamped in place, fit in an ideal spot, or dragged around.

Toxiclibs.js - Open-Source Library for Computational Design

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Toxiclibs was originally written by Karsten Schmidt for Java and Processing and is being ported to javascript by Kyle Phillips. Toxiclibs.js works great with Canvas, SVG or any DOM element. Examples below pair with such fine libraries as: Processing.js, Three.js, or Raphael.js for SVG.


Cyclops is a tool that translates After Effects curves to code, allowing developers to get the motion right from the beginning. 


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DIY Presentation Micro-Framework


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Meteor is an open-source platform for building top-quality web apps in a fraction of the time, whether you're an expert developer or just getting started.

javascript - canvas clearrect, with alpha - Stack Overflow

So I know that context.clearRect makes pixels transparent, but I'm wondering, is there a function to make pixels translucent?

javascript - Replace a specific color by another in an image/sprite in a HTML5 canvas - Stack Overflow

but some of the parts of the image are specifically #ff0000 and I would like to be able to replace it by some other color, a custom user defined color.

Chromium Blog: Chrome 34: Responsive Images and Unprefixed Web Audio

Today’s Chrome Beta channel release introduces a new HTML attribute for responsive images and the unprefixed version of the JavaScript Web Audio API. Unless otherwise noted, changes apply to desktop versions of Chrome and Chrome for Android. | JavaScript for interactive developers

A few years ago, I wrote a little ActionScript 3 library called MicRecorder, which allowed you to record the microphone input and export it to a .WAV file. Very simple, but pretty handy. The other day I thought it would be cool to port it to JavaScript. I realized quickly that it is not as easy. In Flash, the SampleDataEvent directly provides the byte stream  PCM samples) from the microphone. With getUserMedia, the Web Audio APIs are required to extract the samples. Note that getUserMedia and Web Audio are not broadly supported yet, but it is coming. Firefox has also landed Web Audio recently, which is great news.

Teoria.js - Music Theory in JavaScript

Write a chord in the input (try C13b9 or maybe Fsus4maj#11) above and hit enter. You can click and drag your way around the wave function.

Badass JavaScript

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A showcase of awesome JavaScript that pushes the boundaries of what's possible on the web, by @devongovett.


jquery.adaptive-backgrounds.js • A jQuery plugin for extracting dominant colors from images and applying it to its parent

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A jQuery plugin for extracting dominant colors from images and applying it to its parent.

Fast Image Filters with WebGL - PhobosLab

WebGLImageFilter is a small JavaScript library for applying a chain of filters to an image.


An image effects library for JavaScript

Maxime Montegnies - Maxime Montegnies Folio

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Interactive multimedia developer with experience building and maintaining high-end Internet web sites, trade show kiosks, CDs, and multimedia software for top companies.

Pixastic: JavaScript Image Processing Library

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Pixastic is an experimental library which allows you to perform a variety of operations on images using just a bit of JavaScript. The effects supported out of the box include desaturation/greyscale, invert, flipping, brightness/contrast adjustment, hue/saturation, emboss, blur, and many more. For the full list, see the documentation page.

360° MP3 player UI demo (SoundManager 2): Javascript + Canvas Visualization

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Canvas-based UI with visualization options. Note: Spectrum/EQ visualizations