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July 2008

myAWOL: A Music Label For The Digital Age

myAWOL (My Artists Without Labels) is looking to show the big four how it’s done. The site is taking a multi-pronged approach to tackle the music industry with the web: first, it will roll out a professional database to help establish itself as an authority in the space. Then, this Fall, it will introduce a consumer site that will function as a mix between a music community, online television channel, and independent music label.

March 2008

L'Express : Meetic s'attaque à Au Feminin et Doctissimo

Meetic prépare un site « féminin 2.0 » pour engranger des recettes publicitaires en complément des abonnements à son service de rencontre. Les investisseurs craignent des investissements trop importants et l'action chute de 10%.