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Low-Poly Experiments in Illustration and Design by Tim Reynolds |

Tim Reynolds is a 3D illustrator and designer living and working in Milwaukee. He continually experiments in low-poly illustrations (both isometric and non-isometric) . His series of environments and objects are quite lovely, with exaggerated and almost magical plays of light and shadow and a great mix of texture. Take a look ↓

Jonathan Puckey - Delaunay Raster

The Delaunay Raster is an original graphical process I invented in 2008, to create abstracted versions of images using the Delaunay Triangulation, color averaging and hand assisted placement of points. Delaunay Raster was developed using Scriptographer and color averaging by Jurg Lehni. - Boxes Flow

The tool generates a line made of three-sided or four-sided polygons. If you select a raster image, the tool will draw the path using the image's colors. A nice and quick tool to write and draw.


humor chic

Humor Chic is a daily society portrait blog, an illustrated point of view about fashion, costume, culture, society and celebrity. "When I put pencil to paper, I know where I'll start but I don't know where I'll finish" aleXsandro Palombo


Upian vous souhaite une belle et heureuse année 2008

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Upian fête ses 10 ans cette année. Et vous entraîne dans un voyage poétique au pays des kokeshis, les poupées traditionnelles japonaises. Illustrée en volume par lapatamodeleuse, cette petite danse raconte avec délicatesse la métamorphose des capucines de la graine à la fleur. Animation Jérôme Gonçalvez, musique Greg Corsaro. Très belle année à tous !

comics212 - never safe for work. » Blog Archive » Japan 2007: How to draw manga with Osamu Tezuka

So the last entry had my visit to the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum in Takarazuka, Japan. One of the coolest features of the museum is one that I didn’t show you: Little How-to-draw and how-to-create-characters instructional illustrations by Tezuka that were set into the floor. Although it’s probably an exercise for the kids or something, I still thought it would be cool to show you the illustrations, and hopefully you find them interesting (or useful!). Enjoy!



un des mecs qui bossent pour YWTF

hopelarson's kiss book

Check out this adorable (or at least, it starts out adorable) and creative sketchbook that Hope Larson compiled with the help of fellow artists at the MoCCA festival this past weekend. Shown here are the first two pages by Hope and husband Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Yukio Miyamoto | Master of Adobe Illustrator Gradient Mesh Tool

If you have never used an airbrush, you will probably be way ahead of the game when approaching Illustrator's "Gradient Mesh" tool for the first time. I have found it to be one of the most frustratingly time consuming and counterintuitive computer drawing tools. This is especially true when compared to Photoshop's "Paintbrush" tool, which is very similar to an actual airbrush in its operation and use. Some intrepid artists however, seem to take to Illustrator's Gradient tool quite well. Yukio Miyamoto is a perfect example of someone who was not deterred by the extra effort

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