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25 November 2004 15:30

Jules Arthur

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Hyper realism illustrations treating about africa american history

Are You Generic?

Are You Generic intends to fuse the cry of protest and demonstration with aesthetic graphic design -- to replace the Tommy/GAP/Nike logos with rallying statements of assertion. We hope to flourish as a grass roots operation -- spreading by word of mouth

chris stain

High quality design, tags, throw ups and stencils since a long time ago.

Banksy : Stencil Graffiti

This presents the awesome possibility of people having to appeal such a decision. Should you want to keep a piece of graffiti on your property you are now granted two weeks to convince a table of magistrates that it is not "detrimental to the amenity of the area".

25 November 2004 15:15

duncancumming graffiti photos

This website showcases graffiti photos from Scotland (especially Glasgow and Edinburgh graffiti), and anywhere else I can get to. So far that includes London, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Seville, Bristol, Lyon, Marseille, Brussels. There are also photos other people have sent in, including graffiti from Holland, Canada, Australia and more. I also put some other photos that aren't related to graffiti on here occasionally.

Stencil graffiti Blek the pioneer

Voilà ,vous entrez dans le monde de Blek le rat et de ses graffiti .Tout y est en vrac, comme dans la vie à vous de trier dans cette multitude d'images que je vous propose.Peut etre, avez vous vu ces graffiti dans la rue ou ailleurs sinon decouvrez les ici et m aintenant.

25 November 2004 15:00


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A platform for contemporary urban Art

25 November 2004 14:45

OBEY - The Medium is the message

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The OBEY sticker campaign can be explained as an experiment in Phenomenology. Heidegger describes Phenomenology as "the process of letting things manifest themselves." Phenomenology attempts to enable people to see clearly something that is right before their eyes but obscured; things that are so taken for granted that they are muted by abstract observation.

Acamonchi, Guerrilla Art, Propaganda, Neo Graffiti, Border Art

Acamonchi Art Studio pictures, videos, Paintings 2002-2004, Video Section, more to come during August 2004

Stencil Graffiti

"Street art is both an expression of our culture and a counterculture in itself. %u2018Communication%u2019 has become a modern mantra: the city streets shout with billboards, fly posters and corporate advertising, all vying for our attention. They almost invite a subversive response. As high-tech communications have increased, a low-tech reaction has been the recent explosion in street art."

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Over 2,669 Stencil Flicks From Around the World Since 1997, I have met other people that enjoy collecting/making stencil art and photographs. We share photographs, tip each other on where new stencils are, and discuss styles, methods, and philosophy of the art form. Several years ago, I approached several publishers about printing a book about stencils, styles, essays, etc. The idea was turned down, but a friend in Chicago had the same idea and is currently working on the book "Stencil Pirates." So I began to form a Web site in my mind. The site, StencilArchive, would have loads of pics, tips, and links to bring the growing stencil art community together in one cyberspot. And here you are at the first phase of the StencilArchive project. Once I scan my collection and post it, I will begin taking submissions from anywhere in the world. I hope to put up as many stencil pics as possible. Hope you enjoy, and come back often.

25 November 2004 14:30

Archer U.S.

Transfers for U.S. Vehicles

Bart Van de Vel - Ongoing exhibition

A place to look & listen Defunktion began as a space to exhibit art of any and all disciplines and has grown to encompass written features by selected contributors, interviews with established designers, artists and musicans, weekly editorials and a permanent and constantly growing exhibition entitled Wallpaper.


Migime Sakura/Japan. The site which is exhibiting illustrations. (This site is written in Japanese.)

25 November 2004 14:15



MARANT...un canard de l\\\'espace dessinateur...

digital painting, crayon & couleur, sketches...

ELF Cel Gallery

Here are the are the cels that I collected with a hobby. I would say that the following animation cells are not so familiar in your country. wel,the collection of mine is quite precious and I love them games,anime of ELF


Lezilus présente une nouvelle generation d'illustrateurs. 10 dossiers sont présentés sur ce site dés le mois de novembre 2004, d'autres arriveront en février 2005.Découvrez les images sur les books en ligne régulierement mis à jour par les illustrateurs et les graphistes

25 November 2004 13:30