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September 2006

Nikki McClure

Nikki McClure lives with her son Finn and husband Jay T in Olympia. Nikki uses an x-acto knife to cut her designs into paper.

August 2006

A Blue Chicken | Parra

Parra's distinctive style draws strong influences from skateboarding, hip hop, sampling, pop art and Hieronimus Bosch. Eclectic musical influences from Donovan to Slayer also influence his style and attitude.

May 2006

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It seems to me that you always have to come back to being simple, essential and topical." That this has resulted in so many influential approaches is a tribute, not to what Paul Davis calls his wanderlust but to an unending aesthetic journey to find truth, discover form, develop ideas, and create distinctive art.

December 2005

July 2005


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Peepshow is a collective of illustrators & designers who promote their work through a group website, exhibitions, projects, presentations and printed material. Art direction, design, styling, animation & illustration for Toyota, Diesel, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Howies, Cake, the V&A, Central St Martin School of Art & Design, BBC...

May 2005

Drawn! The Illustration Blog

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Drawn! site is a multi-author blog devoted to illustration, art, cartooning and drawing. Its purpose is to inspire creativity by sharing links and resources.

February 2005

p i c t o p l a s m a

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Contemporary design character & art. A huge base of artists .


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The art of Eric Feng. Hovering between fantasy and reality, interwoven with natural and mechanical beings...

AIGA Design Archives

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The AIGA design Archives are a record of annual juried selections of design excellence and the work of designers honored by AIGA. / Brand & identity systems design / Corporate comm design / editorial / envirnmental / experience / illustration / information / package / promotional / typographic / book design... made by Second Story Studios