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Auth0 - Identity infrastructure, built for developers

Identity made simple for developers Eliminate the friction of identity for your applications and APIs


Heartbleed, The First Security Bug With A Cool Logo | TechCrunch

It’s been fascinating to watch news of heartbleed, the massive OpenSSL exploit, spread on the web. After years of quietly putting us at risk, the general web user became aware of the exploit only a few days ago, and probably via

Logos in Lego Town

I love the list of 'fictional universes' on Wikipedia. It contains everything from The Simpsons to Star Trek to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The Fictional Universes database on Freebase is even better, as it contains thousands of details about the universes, such as species, objects, and even ethnicities.


Just Delete Me | A directory of direct links to delete your account from web services.

Fake Identity Generator Generate a fake name, address, date of birth, username, password and biography.

Brandseen - Logo Coloring Game

How well do you know some of the most popular brands on earth? Find out by selecting the color you associate with each logo - you'll be scored based on how close your response matches the original brand. See how well your score compares with others! Enjoy.


eBay: A new look for the global online marketplace.

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Seventeen years ago this month, eBay created a new way for people to buy and sell practically anything. We’ve since helped millions of people launch their own businesses and helped change the way the world shops for things they need and love.

50 Japanese town logos with kanji ~ Pink Tentacle

Here is a collection of 50 Japanese town logos that incorporate stylized kanji characters into the design.


A l’heure où les “ réseaux sociaux ” sont probablement devenus le principal véhicule de circulation de l’image photographique, The Significant Savages propose une incursion dans l’univers des “ images de profils ”, en se concentrant sur la manière dont celles-ci sont utilisées pour résumer la personnalité de chacun, en particulier lorsqu’elles évitent de montrer le visage de l’utilisateur. Le livre est construit à partir d'une sélection de photographies de profils Facebook dans lesquels toutes sortes d'objets sont représentés en lieu et place de l'usager : vues maritimes, forêts ; chiens, chevaux et chats ; motos ou bateaux luxueux ; villes tentaculaires, chaussettes et coquillages, galaxies.

Gregoire Pujade-Lauraine

A l’heure où les ‘réseaux sociaux’ sont probablement devenus le principal véhicule de circulation de l’image photographique, The Significant Savages propose une incursion dans l’univers des ‘images de profil’, en se concentrant sur la manière dont celles-ci sont utilisées pour résumer la personnalité de chacun, en particulier lorsqu’elles évitent de montrer le visage de l’utilisateur. Le livre est construit à partir d'une sélection de photographies de profil Facebook dans lesquels d’autres objets sont représentés en lieu et place de l'usager: vues maritimes, forêts; chiens et chevaux et chats; motos ou bateaux luxueux; villes tentaculaires, chaussettes et coquillages, galaxies. Les objets que nous possédons, ceux qui suscitent nos désirs, les endroits que nous avons traversés ou ceux que l’on a appris à aimer, nos animaux de compagnie —tous ces artéfacts servent notre souhait de masquer notre véritable identité, tout en satisfaisant notre désir d’exhibition. Cependant, le caractère unique de ces photographies est lui-même dilué dans un maëlstrom d’images toutes faites et de piètres clichés reproduits à l’infini, inspirés par la publicité, les agences de voyages et les médias de masse. Ces images, censées être le substrat de notre identité, finissent par être toutes identiques.


Terralinq(TM) by booq

If you ever lose your booq® bag with its valuable cargo, Terralinq may help reunite you with your lost bag once it has been located and reported to Terralinq. To make this possible, each booq bag with Terralinq carries a unique item number on a metal label. Registering links a product's unique number with an identity - yours. Should a registered bag be reported as lost & found, Terralinq will attempt to contact you with a bag's location and the finder's contact information. Adds Wordpress, Twitter And Facebook Comments (In That Order)

Following in the footsteps of commenting systems Echo, Disqus and Intense Debate, has launched WordPress, Twitter and Facebook authorization and identity systems for its own commenting platform, in that order. The blog host didn’t even have the option before.

Suitcase Type Foundry - iPad application

A new generation of type specimens. Type Specimen is the first font viewer for iPad, revolutionizing the way digital fonts are presented today. It's an ideal tool for people who need to select fonts for projects - be it magazine design, corporate identity design, web applications, or book typesetting. Type Specimen is a quick and easy way to navigate the type foundry, containing over two hundred original font styles. Type Specimen allows you to categorize individual fonts, make comparisons, or see details of specific glyphs. All of this for free of course.


Logos Created from Corrugated Cardboard | 1-800-Recycling

You might not think so, but there’s actually an awful lot you can do with old cardboard. Meet corrugated artist Mark Langan!

Designing Obama - Welcome

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The Obama presidential campaign was an innovation in American politics and American design. For the first time, a candidate used art and design to bring together the American people—capturing their voices in a visual way. The Design Director of the Obama campaign, Scott Thomas, has collaborated with artists and designers to create Designing Obama, a chronicle of the art from the historic campaign.


Carrefour Fades (to Color) - Brand New

more at Carrefour’s Facebook page. !!! wtf ?

Family Crest

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The concept of the Family Crest in Japan is still alive today, although its identified history goes far back to the beginning of the 12th century. Generally, the Family Crest in Japan is called KA-MON, KA means "family with own genealogical trees" and MON means "crest" or "emblem". Similarly, in European history, the concept of Heraldry and use of unique Shield of Arms or Coat of Arms also existed, with its history tracing back to a similar period in the 12th century.


brand tags

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A collective experiment in brand perception. All tags are generated by people like you and do not reflect the opinions of the site owner or anyone else he knows. Have fun. //// les pages de tags sont assez chouettes

JAY-O.COM | Jan Olof Nygren


Vintage Logos : un album photos sur Flickr

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Collection of vintage logos from a mid-70's edition of the book World of Logotypes. NOTE: I did not create any of this work! This book is out of print but can probably be found with some scouring.

Corey Holms - Graphic Designer

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Located in Southern California, Corey Holms has juggled working for large agencies and running a private practice for almost a decade. Focusing on the fields of identity, type and entertainment design, his clients range from small boutiques to large multi-national firms.

Logos Google

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Nous possédons un vaste éventail de logos qui représentent les fêtes et les événements marquants de l'année. Vous pouvez les découvrir dans notre musée en ligne, mais vous ne pouvez pas les utiliser. Pour inclure un lien vers Google sur votre site, utilisez l'un des logos officiels.

Ironic Sans: You got your picture in my logo

I’ve been noticing logos lately that have replaced letters with pictures. I think it’s fascinating how the brain just fills in the blanks, whether or not the pictures actually resemble the letters they replace. Various studies have shown that we don’t look at the letters which make up words as much as we look at the shapes of the words as a whole. In fact, it deosn’t mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is taht frist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The brain just takes care of the rest.