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Blog | Graphicpeel — iOS Icons Made in Pure CSS

Click here to see 11 iOS icons made in only CSS, no images whatsoever.


IndieHIG » Blog Archive » Fix the Leopard Folders (FTLF or FTFLF)

Over the past few months, there’s been a lot of discussion about the new UI changes in Leopard. These mainly revolve around the dock [1] [2] and the menu bar which has recently been improved. Surprisingly, I have yet to see anyone comment on the new folders. Folder icons in Mac OS should serve the following purposes: * Fit in aesthetically with the other Apple-designed icons provided in the Leopard install * Make it very easy to distinguish between folders at a glance * Quickly describe the contents of the folder The new folders in Leopard fail on all counts for the four reasons listed below.

2006 - Microsoft Word’s Useless Buttons

It’s not bragging (in fact, it’s probably a little embarassing) for me to say that I am an expert user of Microsoft Word. I can do just about anything I want with it, and I understand most of Word’s idiosyncracies and tricks. Still, the UI has always seemed to get in my way. For example, there are a ton of buttons I never use — so for kicks I decided to see just how many.