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Remixing the London police's anti-photographer terrror posters - Boing Boing

Responding to the London Metropolitan Police's new anti-photographer snitch campaign, wherein posters urge Londoners to turn in people who might be taking pictures of CCTV cameras, many people have taken a crack at redesigning the posters to point out the absurdity of them.


Welcome to the Pitch-o-matic!

Want to know what your client will think of your design ? Trying to pitch a new ad campaign or TV show ? Run an idea up the flagpole and see who salutes ? Presenting the Pitch-o-matc - a client pitch simulator. Carefully calculated from over 10 000 responses from presidents, vice presidents and marketing people, the Pitch-o-matic is designed to test your concept now without the fear of real rejection.


Dans la publicité...

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quand on mange des yaourts on pousse des ptits cris...ha ou ha einh.... et on ne montre pas de vieux.. mais des seniors... c'est pas pareil !


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Pay attention, professionals –or not- in Communication, Marketing and Advertising. These things happen almost every day; sometimes we don’t even notice them. But they’re here to stay. They are verbatims. And yes, they’re REAL.



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Feel the difference / taste the difference & see the difference : Get Firefox !