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October 2007

welcome to shoboshobo

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très bons tshirts, super icons

September 2007


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Toko was established in 2001 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, and is now operating out of Surry Hills, Sydney, where it relocated in the beginning of 2006 to pursuit new (geo)graphic adventures.

Consider™ | Wire

Wire is committed to the inclusive design agenda – helping designers understand how their work can be made accessible to everybody. Consider™ is Wire’s award-winning concept that helps graphic designers and their clients understand the effect of common visual impairments. Consider™ is a desktop tool that can be launched from any design software package or PDF reader. The first part of the software allows designers to identify common visual impairments (such as such as dyslexia, colour blindness, refractive error and partial sight) in their target audience. Consider™ then replicates common eye conditions to enhance the designer’s understanding of different impairments. It also recommends how designs can be improved to make them more inclusive. The software does not deliver prescriptive solutions. Instead it helps the designer to understand the principles underlying inclusive design and shows how they might make their work more inclusive. Consider™ won the Design Business Association’s Inclusive Design Challenge 2006. Judges called Consider™: ‘a brilliant, intuitive tool with wide-ranging scope that will change perceptions among designers and their clients regarding inclusive design.’ You can find out more about the DBA Inclusive Design challenge at the DBA site and The Helen Hamlyn Research Centre

présentation d’un nouveau logiciel graphique en ... 1984 - Etienne Mineur archives

Voici une vidéo de Susan Kare présentant les possibilités (pot de peinture pour remplir une zone, trames, sélection de zones au lasso, annulation...) d’un nouveau logiciel sur un nouvel ordinateur du nom de MacPaint, nous sommes en 1984 (le lancement officiel du Macintosh : 24 janvier 1984) .

July 2007

Art of the Business Card : un album photos sur Flickr

Business cards … little tokens of identity, with their everyday and ephemeral nature but also as a keepsake - a token of remembrance, this intrigues me ...

DIZZIA, Gregory M. -PDF- by *dizzia on deviantART

An infographical depiction of all intimate relationship in 23 years graphic designer Gregory M. Dizzia was engaged in. Download the pdf to really appreciate it!

June 2007

DesignBum: Living Today's Tomorrows

Okay, my tiny parakeets, let me set this shit straight. First off, this section is crammed with tasty visual treasures that you can use in your projects, art, or whatever. It's largely the sum collective of my personal design resources not including all the cool shit I've scanned over the years (though, bandwidth providing, I'll get those up as well). There's also some experiments, half realized ideas, stickers, and wallpapers on which to feast your eyes. Additionally, some of these projects contain dingbats that I didn't create. Use these at your own risk. Almost all the dingbats I used were free where but some may not be, so exercise caution. Also, you can download all of the downloads in one file if you want. But hark, and listen to the words I now speak, for I preach a mindful vision, one pregnant with poise and intent.

May 2007

Comparative Test of Public Symbols - The Form Assembly

This is an online survey to research the existing public symbols and pictogram standards. In the list each topic or theme has four visual answers, please choose the most easily identifiable sign from the rows. Thanks for your patience!

Jamie Wieck / Portfolio / Another Bloomin' Designer

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For this project I set out to design a business card that a prospective client would want to keep on their table rather than in their pocket. The result was a business card that worked like a miniature house-plant, growing alfalfa or cress when dipped in water - a business card for 'another bloomin' designer'. The logo was also cut into a 'seed stencil' that allowed the logo to be grown on either earth or lawn; on uncut grass, the message would remain hidden until the area was mown.

April 2007

Skim PDF reader - The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW)

In a comment to our recent PDF review, Gary let us know about about Skim, a new open source project to produce a tool for reading and marking up PDFs. Skim already has a number of interesting tools, allowing you to

Bienvenue sur le cours de sérigraphie

Ces cours abordent l'aspect technique du métier de sérigraphe.


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Le How To de la sérigraphie

February 2007

Jason Santa Maria | Fighting Off Design Stagnation

I’ve only been out of school and working in the industry for a few years now, but I can already feel it. The feeling like my hands are getting tied. Like I am coming up with the same old ideas or dipping into my overused bag of tricks too often. I am left racking my brain for new directions and feeling like the design world will surely leave me behind to make way for today’s new design youth. You might laugh because it’s only been a few years, but this is where it begins.

Visuel de "campagne" pour Sarkozy

Une mouette au-dessus d'un paysage de campagne. La campagne pour rassurer, montrer l'incarnation concrète, la mouette pour incarner l'envol, le changement, le décollage. Nicolas Sarkozy, au centre, oeil fier et simple. Fausse campagne, comme dessinée, fausse mouette qui bouge dans un faux ciel. Presque faux Nicolas au centre, tant il est retouché. Police moderniste, carré-ronde. Tout ça est une réponse très cohérente à un brief complet. Mais est-elle pour autant pertinente, juste ? Le style est celui d'une communication des années 80, de la grande campagne publicitaire.

January 2007

Lucas, Goudy & Trajan éclairent Le Monde

Pour la graphiste Nathalie Baylaucq, en charge de ce projet : « Quand on travaille pour Le Monde, on a un seul dévoir : l’aider à rester Le Monde. Le Monde doit donc changer graphiquement pour rester lui-même. Mais étant un journal de référence, un titre de qualité, il se doit d’avoir plus de lettres avec empattements que de caractères bâtons. Il doit se méfier de ce qui est fortement encré, des noirs ou blancs, des flaques de trame, d’un dessin trop appuyé des pages qui doivent se dégager par elles-mêmes, dans le déploiement des titres et des textes sur la page. »

Bienvenue sur le site TIFLEX

Sérigraphie / tampons encreurs...

December 2006

this web site was created in order to present the evolution of a personnal research in graphic designing as well as its different possibilities. it presents the work of an involved graphic designer who offers fair, fresh and dynamic results. therefore designsoldier proposes a creative vision based on a permanant research and experimentation.

Edward Tufte: Books - The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

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The classic book on statistical graphics, charts, tables. Theory and practice in the design of data graphics, 250 illustrations of the best (and a few of the worst) statistical graphics, with detailed analysis of how to display data for precise, effective, quick analysis. Design of the high-resolution displays, small multiples. Editing and improving graphics. The data-ink ratio. Time-series, relational graphics, data maps, multivariate designs. Detection of graphical deception: design variation vs. data variation. Sources of deception. Aesthetics and data graphical displays.