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Perceptual Image Compression at Flickr |

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At Flickr our users really care about image quality.  They also care a lot about how responsive our apps are.  Addressing both of these concerns simultaneously is challenging;  higher quality images have larger file sizes and are slower to transfer.   Slow transfers are especially noticeable on mobile devices.   Flickr had historically aimed for high quality at the expense of larger files, but in late 2014 we implemented a method to both maintain image quality and decrease the byte-size of the images we serve to users.   As image appearance is very important to our users,  we performed an extensive user test before rolling this change out.   Here’s how we did it.


Dear Marissa Mayer

Dear Marissa Mayer, PLEASE MAKE flickr AWESOME AGAIN ♥ the internet #dearmarissamayer

Un reportage cartographié en direct - Samsa | nouveaux médias | Samsa | nouveaux médias

La BBC vient de se livrer à un exercice inédit de reportage en direct avec des journalistes et des amateurs dont les résultats se sont affichés en direct sur une carte interactive. Ce n’est pas très clair, alors reprenons. Les médaillés « héros » britanniques des Jeux olympiques et paralympiques défilent jeudi dernier dans les rues de Londres. Deux journalistes de la BBC sont présents sur le parcours et ils envoient des mini-reportages (140 caractère maximum) en temps réél avec leur téléphone portable via Twitter. Ils peuvent également envoyer des photos. Le tout s’affiche sur la carte.

I Hardly Know Her

I Hardly Know Her is a minimalist Flickr viewer. If your Flickr URL is …find yourself at …and your sets at Add /big to your name to force large photos (if available)


Apartheid in South Africa : un album sur Flickr

Apartheid became the official policy of the Government of South Africa in 1948, following the election of the Herenigde Nasionale Party, later renamed the National Party. Under this policy, racial discrimination was institutionalized. The lives of the Africans, who made up almost 75 per cent of the population, were controlled by the unjust segregation laws from birth to the grave. They were proscribed where to live, who to marry and the type of education they would receive in the country of their birth.

Flickr Officially Comes to the iPhone

iPhone is the most popular camera on Flickr, but Flickr (Flickr) hasn’t really returned the love to iPhone users…until now. Because, you know, having your website optimized for the iPhone is one thing, and having a full fledged, native application for the platform is another.

20th Century Remembrances : un album sur Flickr

Yet more of the Weird, sometimes funny, sometimes sad but decidedly interesting slides of the 20th Century. All of them were up for grabs at estate sales or garage sales or in the trash, their owners long gone. So I came to the rescue with my trusty scanner and Photoshop. Some of the slides had labels and others needed labels. I provide song lyrics when inspired. Leave your thoughts - that's why I've posted them...

Flickr Lightroom Preset Extractor

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Copy this bookmarklet to your bookmark toolbar: Retrieve Preset Then if you see a Flickr photo you like, click the bookmarklet and the Preset Extractor will attempt to generate a Lightroom Preset for the Flickr photo you are viewing. Only photos that have a Creative Commons license, or are in the public domain, or are part of our Flickr Group will work with this tool.

Fraser Speirs – On the Flickr support in iPhoto ‘09

As you may know, Apple added Flickr uploading to iPhoto ‘09. As you may guess, I was a little perturbed at this since I pay my mortgage by selling, er, a Flickr upload plugin for iPhoto. I acquired my copy of iLife ‘09 yesterday and decided to dive deep on how Apple have implemented Flickr integration in iPhoto ‘09. Here are the results of my investigation. Be aware as you read that this is the result of a morning’s click-around investigation and not months of serious use. I will do my best to give an honest assessment of what is in iPhoto ‘09, and you’ve already read my full disclosure in the previous paragraph.


Mixed Drink Cocktail Photos : un album sur Flickr

100 most popular mixed drink cocktails from American Bartending School

Rated X vs. Burning Angel: Valentine's : un album sur Flickr

James Deen is finally of age. To celebrate, Joanna and Burning Angel threw down with Jess, Theo and Michael T. at Luke and Leroy's. I was happily caught in the middle.

At The Forefront Of The Elections | Magnum In Motion

Magnum meets Flickr. Magnum In Motion invited five members of Flickr to search through Magnum’s archive of over 500,000 images, in an attempt to answer the question: Which issues should be at the forefront of these elections? Watch the essay to discover their picks and explanations. That form of interactive narration should become a dialogue for extended communities.

Light up the Floor - A Floor Lit Table Top Studio Project |

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I always keep my eye on the strobist flickr pool. It is one of the best places to get your lighting ideas. The other day, I saw a cool Corona shot there made by Nick Wheeler. Nick was so kind to share his lighting technique with DIYP readers. So, the following article is a guest post by Nick Wheeler, If you like this tutorial as much as I did stop by Nick's flickr stream and say "Hi" (You'll also get a nice dose of fine images).

Flickr : Photos et vidéos de philippe leroyer

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News Reporting Pictures : I follow three rules while reporting on news events : Honesty - Respect - Neutrality. Honesty is of course the basis. No lies, no fakes, only the truth. Respect toward my subjects is fundamental. But this respect is also directed toward the people I work for and the viewers of my pictures. Neutrality is my way of approaching things. It has been for a long while. I don't care what my personnal feelings or conviction are about the subject I shoot. As a witness, I have to keep that for myself as much as possible. "Art" pictures : Taking pictures, in my way of doing it, is about telling stories. Stories can be perfect, clean, glamourous, desirable, but are often dirty, nasty, ugly, sad, and unperfect. One way or the other, visual and story must work together to make a great picture. If you're looking for a photographer in Paris and think my style is what you're looking for, do not hesitate and drop me a line : philippe.leroyer [at]

DIY Square Ring Flash (with build instructions) sur Flickr : partage de photos !

Having seen a lot of ring flash pictures popping up all over Flickr just recently, I decided to have a go at making one myself. I had a look through a couple of dozen designs for doing this and they all seemed to have one thing in common, they were all based on a ring. Nothing wrong with that of course, it is a ‘ring’ flash when all said and done, but after thinking about the problem for a while I decided to follow the advice of Huey Lewis, after all, it is ‘hip to be square’.

Filming Locations : un album photos sur Flickr

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Beaucoup de patience pour cet amoureux du cinema