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April 2008

November 2006

Africa Auditorium

Africa is a kick-ass Brazilian agency who does not enter any work into any advertising festivals. But at the same time, they sponsor part of the biggest one of them, the Film section of the Cannes Advertising Festival. To celebrate that event, we've created together with the creative folks at Africa a "virtual auditorium" where users can reserve their seats, watch all the commercials and respond to them, though clapping, booing or recording their own message. The cool thing is that some of Africa's people are seated in the audience. Depending where you sit, you can hear people's comments after each movie. And whoever comes after you will hear your comments. It's a real theatre! With real Brazilian debauchery!

April 2006

September 2005

Big Ideas come out of Big Pencils

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Despite the fact that they trail Ogilvy, Y&R, Thompson, Coudal and DDB in the all-important agency rankings, they still can do some nice creative work at Burnett, especially out of their Canadian office. A seriously great site.

June 2005

January 2005

Big Spaceship

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Agency specialised in "" Alexander / Alfie / Catwoman / I-Robot / Starsky & Hutch / Gangs of NY ...

December 2004

Max Weber Flash Website And Communication Design - Gold Cyber Lion at Cannes 2004 Winner

MAX WEBER motion & Website design notamment le superbe <a herf=""> site avec de l'intégration BD noir et blanc animée en flash</a>