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Create 3D-scenes in Flash: objects, mechanisms, buildings visualization. Import geometry from 3D-formats, upload textures (including animated). Three-dimentional projects and games, basic physics simulation (friction, collision).


Loading Reloaded

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Controlling loading is tedious, error prone, and each projects has such specific requirements that you end up rewriting loading code. A lot. In my last project I spent 4 hours debugging download code and promised my self I would solve this annoyance once and for all. So in the best "let me be lazy" fashion, I decided to write my final loading code.

ActionScript 3 Libraries

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A set of free and open libraries, written in ActionScript 3.0 for Flex and Flash developers. Follow the External Project Link for links to source code & docs as well as the project group. NOTE: These libraries are of beta quality and released as-is.

ActionScript for Non-Coders - Virtual Camera

If there's an authoring building block or tool you want that you can't find, it is often easy to build it yourself, using either components or the JSAPI (JavaScript API). I'll illustrate how this works in practice, using work I have carried out over the last month (July 2004) as an example. During this time, I was working with Adam Phillips to create a web site for a future project. gBlog: AS3: Music Visualization Demos with computeSpectrum

To kick off my session at FitC2006, I modified my Blazing Blazes demo to work off the bass level of a loaded music track using the new computeSpectrum feature in ActionScript 3. You can see it in action by clicking the screenshot below (Flash player 9 required). Note that while the demo is small (3kb), the music file is big, so it'll take a while to load.

The Flash Blog » Flash 9 Sound Spectrum!

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If you watched my last tutorial you know how much of pain it was to read audio data in Flash. The old "analyze in AE" method is now a thing of the past. The new SoundMixer.computeSpectrum() method reads audio data at runtime allowing you to create audio-driven animations. Click on the image below to see my first experiment. This only took 10 minutes! Get ready to see some crazy stuff from the Flash community. Source is below as well.

ricardo cabello* about* Papervision3D computeSpectrum = Nice audioVisualizations*

After checking Sephiroth's SoundMixer experiment I thought something nicer could be done working a little bit more on that field. Long time ago I did some Visualization system for r08028. With flash7/8 you weren't able to get even the volume of the Sound so I had to do a quick tool with C for generating .txt files with the data. Luckily with Flash9/AS3 you can get that data on-the-fly!!

The Flash Blog » AS3 Sound Spectrum Contest Results!!

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There were so many great entries in this contest and deciding on a winner was hard! After much deliberation and help from the great group of mods at the GTAL forums, I’m officially declaring the winner to be trioptic with his fullscreen masterpeice! It has such a cool feel to it and is kind of like watching a painting melt. I love the soundtrack too! Trioptic will be receiving a 6-month Premium subscription to the Online Training Library.


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Flash blog » Blog Archive » Collected links to Maelstrom examples and some exemples it is possible to produce with the next Flash / download player 8 beta and enjoy!

Page Flip: The Final Word

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Okay - don't look any further. Here is the last page turn engine that you will ever need: it's scripted, it's perfectly smooth, I did not find any bugs and it has one feature that none of the currently known engines has: you can drag on all four corners of the book.

AIRTIGHT - PostcardViewer Download

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PostcardViewer is a free Flash image viewer.

Movie Clip Tweening prototypes

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nav. like examples / relevare / yugop v.4 / osx like...

Andrew Berg's Flash Photo Browser

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Because everything else i found was too big or too small

SlideShow Pro

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Photo Gallery Component for Flash MX 2004 Webdesign by Todd Dominey - Great!

Airtight Simpleviewer

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SimpleViewer is a free, customizable Flash image viewing application.

[ uncontrol ]

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Algorithmic art is created by following a set of visual and logical instructions. The nature of programming languages allow for a relatively painless transition from the conceptual to the virtual.

Sephiroth di Crugnola Alessandro - free flash php files

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News, info, tutorial, resource from the Flash and PHP world

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