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September 2006

Philips Research Press Releases - Philips illuminates IFA 2006 with production-ready Lumalive textile garments

Eindhoven, the Netherlands - Philips Research intends to impress the visitors at this year’s IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) with a world-first demonstration of promotional jackets and furniture featuring its innovative Lumalive technology. Lumalive textiles make it possible to create fabrics that carry dynamic advertisements, graphics and constantly changing color surfaces. The Philips stand in Hall 22 will act as a showcase for the Lumalive textile products that will be worn by Philips’ hostesses and embedded into booth furniture of the Future Zone.

August 2006

Natürlich Nerz - Miss Geschick & Lady Lapsus

Hat Lola etwa zuviel Testosteron gefrühstückt? Oder hat sich Axel das Pelztierchen bei ihr eingeschlichen? Ob „Natürlich Nerz” oder künstlich kahl, Lolas ungewöhnliches Shirt gewinnt den ersten Preis. Und ihre Rivalinnen erblassen vor Neid.

June 2006

Adronel - chatouille la morosité

Un abonnement chaussettes ? Chaque trimestre ou semestre, recevez chez vous, dans votre boîte à lettres, 3 ou 5 paires de chaussettes noires fil d'Ecosse ou coton peigné. Découvrez le confort et la qualité des chaussettes Hommes ADRONEL.

May 2006 : UNIQLO Soho NY Site

This is a small teaser site for Japanese casual fashion brand "UNIQLO". Enjoy "QLOCK" screensaver from here. creative direction : kashiwa sato @ samurai direction / design / programming : yugo nakamura @ tha ltd. design / programming : takayuki fukatsu @ tha ltd. sound : suguru yamaguchi @ manual of errors

April 2006

March 2006


PRPS est une marque new-yorkaise culte, proposant exclusivement des jeans tissés au Japon à partir de coton africain.


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ça retouche sévère...

February 2006

January 2006


We archive and market the products recommended by creators in New York, Tokyo. Some people think "Compact Impact" stands for a small impact, others consider it as something small with a big impact, but this ever changing subject will be explored by many cool manufacturers around the world.

Phamous 69

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Phamous 69 is a sexy, provocative online magazine incorporating high fashion, music & lifestyle - vegan products for cruelty-free living

Welcome to Vegan Essentials! Choose compassion over cruelty - Go Vegan!

December 2005

Jed Root, Inc.

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Jed Root, Inc. is a New York-based agency that provides leading fashion photographers, stylists, and hair and makeup artists to various clients within the fashion industry.


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Hooded sweatshirt for grafers, ugly people, snow-boarders, fetichists... or simply super heros

November 2005

..:: Global Exchange :: Fair Trade and Socially Conscious Gifts Online ::..

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Our Online Store implements the principles of socially and economically responsible business by operating according to Fair Trade Criteria.

MOSEAU: BAMBOO FIBER CLOTHING : Bamboo Crew Socks - 3 Pairs

Top 10 reasons why Moseau (Mo-So) socks are better? 10) So soft, your feet will never want to leave 9) They let your feet breathe, and lord knows they need it! (we're pinching our noses) 8) They fight bacteria 5 times longer than cotton and have been proven to help prevent athlete's foot. It is a great natural remedy. 7) Hypoallergenic, so none of that itchiness other performance socks may give you 6) They absorb 60% more moisture than cotton, and dry 20% faster 5) They don?t fade as fast as cotton (but who really cares) 4) They feel lighter, so you can run to your golf cart faster 3) They are biodegradable, so your great grandkids won?t have to touch them (see #9) 2) People will ask how you pronounce the name, which is always good fun 1) If you?ve read this far, what the heck are you waiting for? Try them!


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Simple, élégant comme un sweat à capuche, plus utile qu'un sweat à capuche... Que vous soyez graffeur, moche, snow boarder, ou simplement super héro, vous serez satisfait par sa simplicité d'utilisation.

ie boutique :: vêtements enfant & décoration :: Paris Marais

nos vêtements sont réalisés de façon artisanale en inde avec des tissus en fibres naturelles, tissés main et imprimés main. les objets s'inspirent d'Inde, d'Asie et d'Europe. la boutique est un endroit évolutif, où la scénographie change pour le lancement de chaque nouvelle collection.