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Astropad - Transform your iPad into a professional graphics tablet

YOUR IPAD AS A PROFESSIONAL GRAPHICS TABLET Use the Mac creative tools you know & love, like Photoshop, with the touch experience of your iPad


A History of Ideas: Animated Videos Explain Theories of Simone de Beauvoir, Edmund Burke & Other Philosophers | Open Culture

The UK’s Open University has become a dependable source of very short, online video introductions to all sorts of things, from weighty subjects like religion, economics, and literary theory to lighter, but no less interesting fare like the art and science of bike design. With breezy tone and serious intent, their animated “60-Second Adventures” make seemingly arcane academic ideas accessible to laypeople with no prior background. Now they’ve teamed up with writer and BBC broadcaster Melvyn Bragg of In Our Time fame for a series of video shorts that run just a little over 60 seconds each, with animations by Andrew Park of Cogni+ive, and narration by comedic actor Harry Shearer from Spinal Tap, The Simpsons, and, most recently, Nixon’s the One.

MONSTER BRAINS: Hindi Comic Covers

Hindi Comic Covers, A never ending celebration of monsters..

The Pixar Touch - history of Pixar - Blog - Pixar story rules (one version)

#4: Once upon a time there was ___. Every day, ___. One day ___. Because of that, ___. Because of that, ___. Until finally ___.

superfreedraw / unlimited online drawing and the internet´s bathroom wall

No registration, no censorship. superfreedraw has been established to support the idea of a free and uncensored internet accessible by everyone all over the world. The established elite art system sucks. Everybody is an artist! This is the biggest collaborative artwork ever made.


Halcyon Realms – Animation.Film.Photography and Art Book Reviews » » 空の記憶 – Shinkai Makoto background artbook

“空の記憶” ( Memories of the sky ) is a mesmerizingly beautiful, richly comprehensive collection of background art from Shinkai Makoto’s animation films, dating back from his earlier works “Voices of a Distance Star” to his latest “5 Centimeters”.


Vidéos - Dessine moi l'éco

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2'30 pour comprendre l'actualité économique



Prénom chinois - Prénoms chinois, garçon, fille

Traduction de votre prénom chinois avec prononciation et calligraphie en couleur pour imprimer, faire un tatouage chinois, un sticker autocollant, une carte, etc... Pour connaître le sens des caractères chinois utilisés pour la traduction du prénom chinois , cliquez sur ceux-ci à côté de "prononciation".

Chine Informations - Sceaux chinois

Générateur de sceaux chinois. En entrant un texte ou un mot en chinois simplifié (1, 2, 4, ou 6 caractères) ou encore votre prénom en latin dans la case destinée, vous obtiendrez votre sceau chinois personnalisé (ou plusieurs sceaux chinois selon les cas) !


This is an attempt to create cover art for every great magazine I own (+ a few I wish I owned). It's never a straight crib, the source magazines are a jumping-off point for my imagination... ... and covering covers is a theme that lets me combine some of my favourite things; portraiture, typography, pencils and graphic design. The occasional photos illustrate my current process: I draw A3 & A4 sections which I sometimes collage or retouch in Photoshop. The COVERS typeface is Akka (a nod to Carlo Scarpa) redrawn by hand, of course.

Dessiner en 3D avec la main :: Cuarto derecha

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Le 3D drawin pad est un papier millimétré qui, lorsqu’on le regarde avec les lunettes 3d, génère une profondeur différente de celle du papier. Tout ce que nous dessinerons donnera la sensation de flotter au-dessus du papier. L’Incredible 3D doodle kit sert à dessiner les traits en 3D. Le résultat est semblable au premier produit (cependant moins efficace). Le dessin se perçoit séparé du papier. En fermant et en ouvrant le compas, on change la profondeur du tracé.



Sharing the artwork and creativity of kids.


Alias Sketchbook Pro

Which is the main reason we should all make room for Sketchbook Pro from Alias. Sketchbook Pro is sort of like Painter Fast and Lite—all the speed and responsiveness one would expect, the basic tools for sketching and colouring, and none of the screen clutter. And I mean none.


1000 journals

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One thousand journals are traveling from hand to hand throughout the world. Those who find them will add their stories and drawings, and then pass the journal along in an ongoing collaborative art form. This is an experiment, and you are a part of it.

2004 - Le premier annuaire des carnets de voyage - Accueil

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Partez donc à la découverte des contrées lointaines en parcourant nos rubriques consacrées à la diffusion des carnets de voyageurs et découvrez vos talents de créateur en jetant un œil à la rubrique " création de carnet ".

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