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August 2011

Subtle Patterns | High quality patterns for your next web project

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Subtle Patterns is a collection of 63 high quality design patterns for you to use freely

July 2011

Engineering 102A: Starship Recognition Protocols » Star Trek Minutiae

An informational course in the basic methods of identifying the starships of Federation, friendly, hostile, and unknown powers. Key characteristics of all Starfleet and Federation vessels currently in use are discussed, along with the general design features of known friendly and hostile forces. Basic hull designs and configurations, propulsion systems, and weapons emplacements are also considered. Offered First and Second Terms. (From the Starfleet Academy catalog, 2377-2378)

Starship Obready : Articles: La technologie Star Trek Classic

Avez-vous remarqué que plusieurs technologies d'aujourd'hui se sont inspirées de la populaire série classique Star Trek ? Le créateur des séries Star Trek, Gene Roddenbury, a été un grand visionnaire. Pas seulement pour illustrer des concepts sociologiques toujours d'actualité, mais aussi dans l'imagination d'un futur technologique très plausible. Il avait apparemment quelques bons contacts à la NASA qui le conseillaient sur l'avenir scientifique de différents outillages. Il faut se dire que la série classique se déroulait à la fin des années 60 !!! Ils ont visé assez juste, avec quelques centaines d'années d'avance en plus.

May 2011

C'est dans ma nature - France 3 - Céline Wright

Tendance : La déco papier Le recyclage, au-delà d’être fonctionnel, peut être aussi esthétique.

Céline Wright - Eco Designer - Lampes Luminaires et objets design en papier japonais shoji

« Le travail fait main est la seule énergie humaine non polluante », déclare Céline Wright. Tous ses objets sont fabriqués à la main, mêlant techniques ancestrales revues et corrigées à l’aube du XXIè siècle, et les matériaux utilisés sont naturels et non polluants.

February 2011

CreativeRoots - Art and design inspiration from around the world

Over the past two years CreativeRoots has built up an impressive art and design archive based on countries of the world, with each post being influenced by its countries, culture and history. Spanning across all creative disciplines such as graphic design, photography, architecture and art, CreativeRoots is truly a portal for inspiring discoveries, which currently represents over 140 countries and regions of the world.

Axo Light, BELL - Products - Domus

Characterised by its “bell” shape, with length depending on the diameter, Bell has a metal structure decorated in strips of super-smooth fireproofed silk fabric. Available in ten different colours. The model is part of Axo Lightecture, a new range made up of six collections of light fittings, in different types (hanging, ceiling-fixed, floor-standing, tabletop and wall-fixed) and sizes (from 25-cm to 180-cm diameter). All lamps are available with halogen, fluorescent, incandescent or metal halide bulbs

January 2011

hard graft | 3FOLD Multi-Use Bag | All Grey | VIEW ALL

One bag. Three distinct formats. The 3Fold is a slim Laptop Bag, a spacious Overnighter or a sizeable A2 Portfolio Bag. The intelligent nature of the bag makes it as flexible as your lifestyle demands.

December 2010

November 2010

INFLUENCERS : The Documentary

a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment

October 2010

July 2010

The Way of the Dodo — How to Sell 10,000 iPad Cases at $60 Each (and Other Lessons Learned)

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Going back to our use first use of a Kindle, we were amazed and excited about the idea of an e-reader. At the same time we started to feel a sense of loss about not holding and reading a good book (despite what one might think, reading is at least in part a tactile thing). While we didn’t act on this feeling on the Kindle as the iPad was announced it was clear that we had to do something. Patrick considered many different types of wood materials to compliment the book element and ultimately decided on bamboo based on its eco appeal and its historic relation to paper.

DODOcase - Welcome

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The limited first edition iPad DODOcase is inspired by the journals of our favorite artists. Made by hand in San Francisco, California using traditional book binding techniques, the DODOcase brings a classic look to protecting your iPad.

hiroyuki morita: pata

japanese designer hiroyuki morita has designed 'pata' an unconventional folding chair. when not a chair it appears like a floor mat and can be folded into a compact bundle. it becomes a seat the moment the connecting cord is pulled and tightened. the chair changes shape according to the sitter's act.

May 2010

stickybits - tag your world™

Attach photos, videos, music, text, pdfs, zips... to nay barcode

April 2010

Multifunktionelles Kinderbett "SMART KID" / Adensen Furniture

SMART KID" - ist ein multifunktionelles Möbelstück aus dem man ein Baby-Bett, einen Wickeltisch und Abstellplätzen zusammenstellen kann. Später kann man es auch zu einem Kinderbett, einem Schreibtisch und einer Tafel umbauen. Das Produkt ist für Kinder bis 10 Jahre Alt geeignet. Alle Bestandteile können also über längere Zeit effektiv benutzt werden. Damit spart man sowohl Geld als auch Platz.

Cool - Icade – Ipad Arcade Cabinet

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Le Icade ($150) vous permet de customiser votre Ipad façon jeu d’arcade. L’occasion de repasser quelques heures sur PacMan ou Donkey Kong. Un concept rétro signé ThinkGeek.

January 2010

December 2009

Serizawa: Master of Japanese Textile Design | Japan Society Shop

A 134-page, fully illustrated catalogue edited by Joe Earle and published by Yale University Press provides the historical, cultural, and ideological context for Serizawa's unique oeuvre in six essays written by leading Japanese and American scholars of 20th-century Japanese art and literature.

November 2009

Design Real

Design Real is the first design-focused show to be presented at the Serpentine and represents the development of the Gallery's long-standing commitment to design through the Serpentine Gallery Pavilion programme, which celebrates its tenth year in 2010. Design Real is curated by Konstantin Grcic and designed in collaboration with Alex Rich and Jürg Lehni.

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