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March 2014

Randomness in map design | Mapbox

I introduced an element of randomness into a recent map design. Misplaced buildings and overlapping areas of texture bring energy and excitement to the experience of viewing a map. The end result is a little disorienting, but still mostly familiar:

February 2014

Welcome | UNCOVER

We started out investigating whether that backlit logo on every MacBook® used its own tiny light source or actually the whole backlight. We took apart our MacBook Pro and found out, there's an entire lightpanel waiting behind the screen. From there we continuously developed our product to this day and are proud that we can offer our Uncovers, a beautiful and unique way to personalise your Macbook.

January 2014

December 2013


concrete kitchen countertops

November 2013

shoggi - Site de ateliergaubert !

Créé en 1983  par Alain Gaubert qui s'est inspiré de la position traditionnelle du judoka sur le tatamis, le SHOGGI est un petit siège qui permet une bonne position pour le dos, évite l'écrasement des pieds et supprime le blocage de la circulation dans les jambes : ce qui est un  confort appréciable.

September 2013

Katagami Design Demonstration | Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum in New York

On March 16th, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum hosted a fascinating demonstration of the process of a traditional form of Japanese stencil carving  (katagami) and its use in the technique of resist-dyeing textiles (katazome) at the Cooper-Hewitt Design Center in Harlem.

June 2013

Power Tube Shake 2600 universal portable charger for most mobile devices - MiPow Limited

"Made for iPhone / iPod" certified by Apple Inc. A winner of iF design award 2013 and reddot design award 2012 Charge different mobile devices by simply connecting to the apple connector cable , mini USB and micro USB charging cable


Interrupteurs / prises

Gesture | Sièges de bureau | Sièges | Categorie | Produits | Steelcase, mobilier de bureau et aménagement d'espace

Gesture est le premier siège conçu pour servir d’interface entre le corps humain et les nouvelles technologies. Inspiré des mouvements du corps humain. Créé pour les modes de travail d'aujourd'hui.  

Learn about LED tapes, ropes, pucks and more to create a flexible and energy-efficient lighting design that looks great

When LEDs (light-emitting diodes) came on the market, people were slow to use them at home, because the lights tended to give off a bluish-white hue. Today that has all changed. Advancements in technology mean that LEDs can produce that warm, yellow light many homeowners prefer in their living spaces.

Take the ecofriendly high road with a low-cost outdoor chair you make yourself

The days of old iron patio furniture are behind us. We're all about going green and reclaiming materials for new purposes! Today the possibilities with pallets are endless, and the materials are often free. If you've got access to pallet wood and basic power tools (and the skills to use them), this project shouldn't take longer than an afternoon.


Sustainable Renovation project of a flat in Barcelona, based on the 5 Rs of eco design

May 2013

See how three-dimensional printing, laser cutting and other innovative technologies are changing the face of furnishings

See how three-dimensional printing, laser cutting and other innovative technologies are changing the face of furnishings

April 2013

Flip Esstisch 90x180

Benutzen Sie manchmal den Esstisch als Arbeitstisch? Dann stellt FLIP die ultimative Lösung dar: Er hat verborgene Räume in der Tischplatte, Schubladen an den Seiten und damit viel Platz für Dekoration, Papiere und den Laptop.

March 2013


The modular furniture and systems from the new collection for furnishing homes and public spaces – Classic, Cloud, Match and Segment – sparked great interest in the international furniture industry and captivated the numerous visitors. READ MORE

February 2013

PiP Studio

Bath, bed, home decoration, homewear

January 2013

TETRAN Modern Furniture: Infinite Living

TETRAN™ makes its owners the custom furniture designers of their unique living space. Modules are repurposed for new functions or redesigned for alternate living spaces, there are endless color, finish, and material options to keep up with even the most rapid changes in style, and any damaged elements are easily and inexpensively replaced. The result is a beautiful, functional, versatile home furnishing solution for everybody.

The Best of Kickstarter 2012 — Kickstarter

by 1 other
From groundbreaking projects to inspiring stories, 2012 was a year of many memorable moments on Kickstarter. To celebrate the year that was, our team put together this look back at some of our favorite projects and moments. We hope you enjoy!

Slot Table

SlOt table The award-winning slot Table is a refined take on the sawhorse table and provides plenty of legroom. By taking advantage of the strength of steel legs and a thick wood slab, the bulk of the table’s structure is concealed and only the elegant lines of the top and legs remain. Two openings in the tabletop highlight the seamless joining of the wood and metal and bring the beauty of the wood’s end grain to the center of the table. At the same time, the slots allow for tidy laptop cord control. By incorporating the practical elements of a desk into a classic dining table, gsdo addresses the reality that in homes, restaurants, and hotels, working and dining often happen on the same surface. each table is fabricated by a master furniture builder, and is available in a variety of wood species, metal finishes, and sizes. To purchase or to inquire about custom materials and sizes, please contact gsdo. Prices available upon request.

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