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November 2009

Limited edition design and typography products for refined tastes – Ligature, Loop & Stem

Ligature, Loop & Stem offers limited edition products created to delight those who love typography and design. Use them for inspiration or reference as you work… or play.

October 2009


Des textile spour la maison, riches en couleurs, ainsi que des vêtements dans des matières naturelles...

Contrail - Bicycling Community Tool

leaves a faint chalk line behind your bike

September 2009

Apartment Therapy New York | Re/Assemble Dining Table by Amy Kircher & Alejandro Iriarte Design Showcase 2009

"This is an affordable dining table created to meet our own standards of aesthetics and practicality. We designed it to follow simple structure lines and to express the virtues and qualities of the material. We wanted a piece of furniture that is easy to move, disassembles quickly and requires NO bolts, knots, glue or easily lost pieces...."

THOMAS PAUL at ELSEWARES / 718-502-8893

When a young New York necktie designer named Thomas Paul Fernez decided to try his hand at home textiles and housewares, he was really onto something. His inspired sense of contrast in both color and proportion began to define a signature Thomas Paul style, reinterpreting classic fine china motifs for modern sensibilities.

Baby shaped pears « Cakehead Loves Evil

Oh this is good, as in strange good. A Chinese farmer been tinkering with modified pears since 2003, and this year he’s reportedly grown 10,000 edible Buddhas. The effect is achieved through growing pears in confining molds. These are just in time as the UK can once again celebrate wonky shaped fruit and vegetables thanks to the abolition of EU rules on the size and shape of 36 types of fruit and veg. Bring it oooooooooon!

July 2009

plastique on Etsy - plastique*

des bijoux lettrés pour les geeks

June 2009

Masks Design for Sea Animals : un album sur Flickr

Masks design for Children coming to Sydney Aquarium for annual holiday new sea creatures.

Typography of the San Francisco MoMA : un album sur Flickr

The SFMoMA is all about creating a space for modern art to live. But there's also a meta-layer to the art experience that comes from the aesthetic and conceptual life of the space itself – the colors, the architecture, the little design touches. These elements contribute to our experience of the art inside, but often operate below our cognitive awareness. I decided to bring one of those meta-elements to the forefront of attention – the typography used inside the museum, on anything from exhibition signage to elevator buttons to restroom signs.

cutlery pen caps dining biodegradable - designboom

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designer's own words: Turn your favourite office tool from your desk in a common cutlery...this is din-ink. A set of pen caps, including a fork-cap, a knife-cap and a spoon-cap, that replaces the normal pen cap during lunch time! All caps are made by annually renewable resources, like natural starch and fibres, to be 100% biodegradable and atoxic, warranting the best alimentary use. Dispensing each set in a compostable packaging the whole set is designed to respect the environment. Now give your office ballpoint pen a good excuse to be gnawed by your teeth: use them for din-ink.

craftershock - all things crafty.

Craftershock is your source of all things crafty. We seek out and showcase the work of talented crafters of all types. We also offer tutorials, project ideas, and a handy guide to craft fairs and events. If that's not enough -- the crafts we create are for sale in our shop! We love audience participation! If you want to see your goodies on Craftershock, send us a message at showcasethis [at]

May 2009

Brickstructures Home

Inspiration: 100+ years of Architectural progress that occurred in Chicago since the great fire of 1871 that have consequently surrounds us in today's Architecture. Ever since I can remember, I have always been fascinated by the iconic Chicago Skyline. This later inspired me to explore Architecture in hopes of one day becoming an Architect. My only time away from that inspiring Chicago Skyline was during my college years when I received my Professional Degree in Architecture with an emphasis on the Philosophy of Design Theory at Kansas State University in 1996.

April 2009

Touch Mix ∞ precious forever

Interaction and interface design for an iPhone music mixing app

ChikunoCube - Natural Air Purifier Made from Bamboo Charcoal Powder

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Chikuno Cube is an air freshener made from ultra fine powder of bamboo charcoal and clay minerals. Bamboo Charcoal has high capacity of absorbing odors, but the secret to the superior absorption powder of Chikuno Cube is the micro-honeycomb structure that amplifies it's surface area by hundred fold. This 2-inch cube has the surface area equivalent of 4 football fields and works best in a small enclosed space such as refrigerator, closets and cars. It is eco-friendly and can be re-used for up to 1 year by just exposing it to direct sunlight every month for 6 hours. The quality is rooted in Kyoto’s craftsmanship, and it won the Japanese Good Design Award in 2008

March 2009

BMW R7, trésor de l’Art Déco | | Le Magazine Elégant

Dessinée par Alfred Böning, la R7 était une prouesse technique de 800 cc qui exprimait à merveille le positionnement de BMW avec ses lignes robustes et imposantes. L’extravagance des gardes boue, l’utilisation de chromes ne sont qu’un infime exploit à côté des détails technique.

February 2009

Bouncing Red Ball » 6 Winners of the 2008 Japan Media Arts Festival Entertainment Division

The Media Arts Festival Executive Committee, composed of people from the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, the National Art Center and CG-ARTS Association, has announced the winners of the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival. 2,091 works from 43 countries and regions were evaluated to come up with winners in Art, Entertainment, Animation and Manga. Here are 6 worthy winners in the Entertainment Division.

Rainer Spehl

Home Office Unit with drawers in the bottom and flaps that also function as work surface. Solid yellow locust timber.

January 2009

November 2008

yatzer | designistoshare

Yatzer is a design Blog / Magazine with prime focus to locate, collect and share all the beautiful things within the creative world and make its viewers aware of all the very latest and most unique items from all the creative fields such as architecture, art, interiors, industrial design, graphics and fashion. Yatzer aims to generate an interactive Design Community, where well established designers, new designers, students and design addicts from all disciplines will have the opportunity to interact, promote and discuss their work. Yatzer also aims to establish a network of collaborations with other design and arts related on & offline magazines and blogs, as well as design & art institutions, organizations and schools, so as to offer its users and sponsors the most premium experience and ultimate reach. All the posted items launched are solely based on its founder’s personal aesthetics and design visions, which Yatzer share with all the design-addicts in the universe, because we believe that ‘design is to share’.

Iconique Fashion Magazine

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In the fall of the year 2000 the first version of arrived on the Internet. 'It is time for a site where Internet Meets Style both design and content wise.' as quoted back then by its founder Joost van Gorsel. His unique ability to mix animation and music with refreshing, stylish content proved to be a winner among the internet's fashion lovers. Since its launch Iconique has been published in many magazines, newspapers, websites and books and won several web awards. 'Our goal is to create a certain vibe, by which style, fashion and a sense of creativity will be conveyed to our visitors. We want our guests to be exposed to the best. This obviously includes our most important section, Fashion & Style, with its animated editorials, Virtual Catwalk, fashion news and much more. We want to present the young and upcoming, as well as the renowned top designers.'

October 2008

Dieter Rams, designer - Cold War Modern

Dieter Rams talks about the 'SK4 record player' (as part of the V&A's Cold War Modern exhibition).

Vibram FiveFingers: KSO

When you’re scrambling up a rocky bluff or bounding along a riverbank, the last thing you want is gravel and grit seeping into your FiveFingers. The KSO is an all-new design with thin, abrasion-resistant stretch polyamide and breathable stretch mesh that wraps your entire forefoot to “Keep Stuff Out.” A single hook-and-loop closure helps secure the fit. Non-marking Vibram TC1 performance rubber soles are razor-siped for a sure grip.

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