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Cool - Icade – Ipad Arcade Cabinet

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Le Icade ($150) vous permet de customiser votre Ipad façon jeu d’arcade. L’occasion de repasser quelques heures sur PacMan ou Donkey Kong. Un concept rétro signé ThinkGeek.


Bouncing Red Ball » 6 Winners of the 2008 Japan Media Arts Festival Entertainment Division

The Media Arts Festival Executive Committee, composed of people from the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, the National Art Center and CG-ARTS Association, has announced the winners of the 12th Japan Media Arts Festival. 2,091 works from 43 countries and regions were evaluated to come up with winners in Art, Entertainment, Animation and Manga. Here are 6 worthy winners in the Entertainment Division.


Nintendo Revolution

COMING 2006 - vivement qu'on voit ce que ça donne en vrai - au moins en attendant ça fait sourire ;)

Relax to win Sensor

Orange Brand Futures group, the major UK cell phone service providers, developed the computer game 'Relax to Win' with Media Lab Europe. The game is based on the concept that the more you relax, the more you will achieve in the game.