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Klaus Haapaniemi

Artist Klaus Haapaniemi and designer Mia Wallenius founded a design studio together in January 2010.  Their design approach is influenced by nature, Finnish folklore, fantasy and traditional decorative arts with a modern twist.  Focusing on Klaus Haapaniemi textile collection, they also work in furniture, fashion, books, events and exhibitions,  often collaborating with other designers and studios to create limited edition design pieces.


INFLUENCERS : The Documentary

a short documentary that explores what it means to be an influencer and how trends and creativity become contagious today in music, fashion and entertainment


Serizawa: Master of Japanese Textile Design | Japan Society Shop

A 134-page, fully illustrated catalogue edited by Joe Earle and published by Yale University Press provides the historical, cultural, and ideological context for Serizawa's unique oeuvre in six essays written by leading Japanese and American scholars of 20th-century Japanese art and literature.


Des textile spour la maison, riches en couleurs, ainsi que des vêtements dans des matières naturelles...


yatzer | designistoshare

Yatzer is a design Blog / Magazine with prime focus to locate, collect and share all the beautiful things within the creative world and make its viewers aware of all the very latest and most unique items from all the creative fields such as architecture, art, interiors, industrial design, graphics and fashion. Yatzer aims to generate an interactive Design Community, where well established designers, new designers, students and design addicts from all disciplines will have the opportunity to interact, promote and discuss their work. Yatzer also aims to establish a network of collaborations with other design and arts related on & offline magazines and blogs, as well as design & art institutions, organizations and schools, so as to offer its users and sponsors the most premium experience and ultimate reach. All the posted items launched are solely based on its founder’s personal aesthetics and design visions, which Yatzer share with all the design-addicts in the universe, because we believe that ‘design is to share’.

Iconique Fashion Magazine

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In the fall of the year 2000 the first version of arrived on the Internet. 'It is time for a site where Internet Meets Style both design and content wise.' as quoted back then by its founder Joost van Gorsel. His unique ability to mix animation and music with refreshing, stylish content proved to be a winner among the internet's fashion lovers. Since its launch Iconique has been published in many magazines, newspapers, websites and books and won several web awards. 'Our goal is to create a certain vibe, by which style, fashion and a sense of creativity will be conveyed to our visitors. We want our guests to be exposed to the best. This obviously includes our most important section, Fashion & Style, with its animated editorials, Virtual Catwalk, fashion news and much more. We want to present the young and upcoming, as well as the renowned top designers.'

SOU・SOU home page

Vêtements, chaussures, tabi, tissus, maison

SOU・SOU (tabi chaussures) : MARUIONE.JP

Une marque au design moderne mais prenant ses sources dans les traditions du Japon. ⇒⇒⇒Pour plus d’infos sur cette marque, rendez-vous sur la page : « Rencontre avec les créateurs » sur le site LiveJ !

Swims : The Modern Galosh !

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A stylish solution, embodying the essence of practicality: Wear your favorite shoes, slip on Swims when the weather is rough, slip'em off when you arrive at your destination. Enhanced comfort is assured and your shoes are guaranteed to stay shiny.



Fan des Ramones... ma vitamine. Fan des chiffons...même si l´habit ne fait pas...le quoi déjà? Fan de Tim Burton... crazy imagination. Fan de comédies musicales..."amour, amour, je t´aime tant, lalalalalala" (Peau d´Ane). Fan de bien manger...mon dessert de l´année "l´ile flottante aux pralines" du resto Aux Lyonnais. Fan de shoes...une collectionneuse!


Welcome to Modernseed furniture fashion design for kids

Modernseed represents a beginning - the sprouting of something fresh and innovative for modern families. A starting point for a child’s lifestyle, filled with great design, long lasting products and memorable experiences. Rich in design education, well conceived products and a highly edited shopping experience, Modernseed is an authentic place to find the very best in products for modern kids: furniture, toys, clothing and accessories.

Bird in the Hand's photosets on Flickr

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San Francisco artist, Lisa Congdon, was born in 1968 to a textile artist mother and physicist father. Through her mother’s influence, Lisa's love of art and craft began at a young age, though she has never had any formal artistic training. She uses her lack of training to her advantage; instead of relying on refined technique, she uses her own raw sense of what looks aesthetically pleasing as her guide.


We archive and market the products recommended by creators in New York, Tokyo. Some people think "Compact Impact" stands for a small impact, others consider it as something small with a big impact, but this ever changing subject will be explored by many cool manufacturers around the world.


..:: Global Exchange :: Fair Trade and Socially Conscious Gifts Online ::..

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Our Online Store implements the principles of socially and economically responsible business by operating according to Fair Trade Criteria.

ie boutique :: vêtements enfant & décoration :: Paris Marais

nos vêtements sont réalisés de façon artisanale en inde avec des tissus en fibres naturelles, tissés main et imprimés main. les objets s'inspirent d'Inde, d'Asie et d'Europe. la boutique est un endroit évolutif, où la scénographie change pour le lancement de chaque nouvelle collection.

Made in la p'tite Prairie -

Echarpes de portage / couches lavables / chaussons robbes like / doudous / stickers....


We're a catalog of unique products from independent designers and entrepreneurs. We celebrate good design, cottage industry, and David's desire to conquer Goliath.

João Sabino's Keyboard Bag

a bag made of a recycled keyboards - existe aussi en noir ;)

Everquest Design 2004 - Own a piece of history

Unique, limited edition bags with AUTHENTIC parachutes from Space Station missions, America's Cup sails, Mount Everest Expeditions and more.

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