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Masks Design for Sea Animals : un album sur Flickr

Masks design for Children coming to Sydney Aquarium for annual holiday new sea creatures.


Die Vogelvilla - Vogelhaus mit Nistkasten und Futterplatz - art form

Die Vogelvilla ist Nistkasten und Futterhaus in einem. Farbenfroh markiert sie Finken, Meisen, Spatzen & Co den Futterplatz. In handwerklicher Manufaktur entstehen ständig neue Vogelhäuser in markanten Formen und Farben.

e-glue : des idées qui collent !

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Spécialisé dans le design adhésif pour enfants, e-glue propose bien plus qu’une simple décoration. Considérant l’espace comme une page blanche à illustrer, e-glue permet d’ouvrir une fenêtre sur l’imaginaire, en transformant différents supports en espace de narrations, où petits et grands peuvent inventer, apprendre et s’amuser.

Kidsmodern - Design for Kids

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Kidsmodern is an online portal which is devoted to the fascinating world of design for kids. At Kidsmodern you can make new discoveries and buy products online. The products are accompanied by the portraits of young artists and designers, combined with stories surrounding the design classics of the twentieth century.



design de meubles / jouets pour enfants

P'kolino, Playfully Smart: P'kolino Klick - $285.00

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When Deavide Cesca (one of our designers) shared this child’s desk and chair combination with us we immediately fell in love with it. The beautiful simplicity of this well balanced design and the compact functionality shouted P’kolino!

Welcome to Modernseed furniture fashion design for kids

Modernseed represents a beginning - the sprouting of something fresh and innovative for modern families. A starting point for a child’s lifestyle, filled with great design, long lasting products and memorable experiences. Rich in design education, well conceived products and a highly edited shopping experience, Modernseed is an authentic place to find the very best in products for modern kids: furniture, toys, clothing and accessories.

boon :: innovations for modern parents

We are driven by a strong desire to create contemporary products that help simplify parents’ lives while retaining their personal style. Our team creates quality designs that are innovative, stylish, and fun.

Mug Design Good quality porcelain mug with four art pens.

Good quality porcelain mug with four art pens. Designs can be re-done over and over or bake them to make them permanent - Great for parties!! (Adult supervision required)


Netto Collection

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wooden toys, tippy, music instruments, matriochkas à peindre


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It's not a tricycle, not a toy, not a bike with stabilizers, not a scooter... so xhat is it ?

BABYGEARED...gear for the modern baby and beyond

Babygeared features essentials for the urbane parent from world-renowned designers and manufacturers...everything from modern kids' and parents' furnishings to crib linens, eye-pleasing diaper bags, innovative strollers, gifts, and more. Founded in 2001 by a new mother looking for form-follows-function sensibility, the collection is the result of endless searching for well-designed things for life with kids.

Made in la p'tite Prairie -

Echarpes de portage / couches lavables / chaussons robbes like / doudous / stickers....

kid o : Modern Design for Children

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Kid O, a design store for children, grew out of a mother's dedication to creating a stimulating, aesthetic environment for her newborn son. Inspired by modern learning theories, Kid O offers products that encourage creativity, instill independence and a desire to accomplish, and help foster a sense of self.

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