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5 | 5 Things UX And UI Designers Could Learn From Wes Anderson | Co.Design | business + design

Director Wes Anderson has always been distinguished for his visual artistry, detail-rich sets, and storybook-like imagery. From the whimsical, campy feel of Moonrise Kingdom to the carefully crafted sets and miniatures in The Grand Budapest Hotel, Anderson’s movies are visual masterpieces.


The Weathered Underground: Interactive Trailer Lets You Choose

Interactive Cinema has been promising to break through for more than a decade, but Hollywood has yet to calculate how to make interactive films and what to do with them once they're made (like, you know, to make money and that sort of thing).


Coleran Reel 2008.06 HD on Vimeo

Showreel of screen design work for various films that I have worked on over the last 9 years. There is an iPhone compatible version here as well, as long as a collection of older reels and other graphic work that will grow over time as I get them up online. My last reel for a long time ;) Working in software now on a unique new product called Flow for Gridiron Software.