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Since The 1980s, Jeff Bridges Has Done Something Incredible On The Set Of All His Movies. | The Roosevelts

Since the 1980s, Jeff Bridges has been taking set shots and behind-the-scene photos from all his films with his unique panoramic Widelux camera. His consistency is amazing.


Portfolio: HIroshi Sugimoto - Movie Theatres

Throughout the mid to late 1970s and upwards, Hiroshi Sugimoto packed up a folding 4x5 camera & tripod, surreptitiously entered matinees (and, one can only presume, evening film events) and documented the interior of movie theatres across the United States - invoking a classic procedure borrowed from Conceptual Art. He would open the shutter just before the 'first light' hit the screen and close it after the credits finished rolling and before the house lights came on. Using this method he was able to invert the subject/object relationship of the movie theatre and use the film itself to illuminate the proscenium and interior. However - it's MORE than that, isn't it? There is also a social and political critique implicit to the gesture. The rendering of a 'blank' movie screen carries with it a whole series of alternate implications that are highly relevant to a culture of consumption.  The unavoidable allusions of mass social programming and lack of content are implicit in the act. This content, largely unaddressed crtiically, is what lends the images their incredible power - along wtih the natural fascination of being made privy to the photography's divine birthright - allowing us to see the normall invisible - to experience a finite collapse of time.   -JWD


Voyeurism and Appropriation in Kohei Yoshiyuki’s ‘The Park’ at Visual Culture Blog: Visual Studies and Visual Communication

In the early 1970′s, while walking with a friend through a park in Tokyo, photographer Kohei Yoshiyuki noticed that young couples used the park as a space for intimate encounters in the belief that they are protected by the darkness of the night. Equipped with a small camera and Kodak’s infrared flashbulb, Yoshiyuki produced a series of photographs that captures the nightly performance in Tokyo’s parks. In this haunting series of photographs produced between 1971 and 1979 and simply called The Park, the couples, both straight and gay, become the unwitting actors in Yoshiyuki’s play. While The Park has attracted much controversy in 1979 when it was first exhibited and published as a book in Tokyo, it was nearly thirty years later, in 2007, that Yoshiyuki’s project received global acclaim resulting in exhibitions throughout the US and Europe.

Canon Cinema EOS

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Built from the ground up for the serious filmmaker. Every detail, from sensor design to lens mount to I/O and codec is inspired by and created for the industry. We interviewed hundreds of people in the business to truly understand their wants and needs. They spoke; we listened. The result - the Canon Cinema EOS system. Leveraging decades of Canon experience delivering imaging technology and services, Cinema EOS is more than the sum of its parts - camera body, lenses, service and support; it's a definitive HD motion picture system, conceived as an extension of the cinematographer. And this is just the beginning. Expect many more announcements in the months to come - all part of Canon's commitment to provide professionals with the tools and support they need to tell their stories.

Welcome to the Redrock Micro online store

Revolutionary Cinema Accessories for the Digital Filmmaker


The Fall

Award winning music video, commercial and film director Tarsem Singh (The Cell) creates a moving and seamless blending of mundane life in a 1915 Los Angeles hospital with a visually sumptuous fantasy world of exotic bandits, evil tyrants, dream-like palaces and breathtaking landscapes...


steve schofield – © 2007

The title of the work (Land of The Free) refers to the American Anthem, and makes reference to Archibald MacLeish's 1938 book of FSA photographs. It also refers to a degree of irony when talking about personal 'freedoms' when one would choose to 'copy' the look of cowboys, sci-fi characters and pop stars. I want the viewer to see the relation to ideology; here are the effects of American mass-culture; consumed and re-enacted by British people in my photographs.

Filming Locations : un album photos sur Flickr

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Beaucoup de patience pour cet amoureux du cinema

Vanity Fair: The Hollywood Issue / The 2008 Hollywood Portfolio: Hitchcock Classics

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Vanity Fair March 2008 - Alfred Hitchcock left a peerless legacy of the stylishly macabre. Keira Knightley, Javier Bardem, Seth Rogen, and other stars channel iconic moments from the director's greatest hits