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The Art of the Title Sequence -

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A compendium and leading web resource of film and television title design from around the world. We honor the artists who design excellent title sequences. We discuss and display their work with a desire to foster more of it, via stills and video links, interviews, creator notes, and user comments. Featuring opening title design for film and television from Croatia, New Zealand, Serbia, Russia, the United States, Brazil, England, France, India, Japan, Italy, Chile, Mexico, Yugoslavia and Egypt.

{ Pretty Cool People Interviews }

In Paris we met with one half of the design duo that makes up Studio Deubal. Deubal is a French creative agency consisting of Stéphanie Lelong and Olivier Marquézy. We fell in love with their original character-based title sequence designs. When we visit Olivier in his studio, he's on his last legs. He's been pulling an all-nighter.


No fat clips!!!: MONEY MARK - Information Contraband

Here's a technicolor motion graphics street adventure. And it's for free. Well, almost... "Information Contraband sees Money Mark traversing through a color saturated city of huge movie posters: slinky babes from huge Technicolor billboards slap the singer across his face on his jaunt; dudes with machetes and swords twist and turn in jungle terrain and martial arts maestros strut their stuff while Money Mark suavely sucks on a cigarette."

YouTube - Zoolander Typography

un nouvel exemple de typographie cinétique

Forget the Film, Watch the Titles

Today, the term animation is used broadly and encompasses a vast array of styles and technologies that are used to create the illusion of motion. Here, we focus on some really good examples of the use of animated characters in film title design. Not only do these title sequences list the main credits, they have animated characters that introduce us to the story of the film. None of these films are animated. As the collection of animated title sequences grows, more animation-related sub-themes will help to shed more light on the use of animation in main title design.

Rape Her

Un montage cut avec des bouts de Motor Psycho de Russ Meyer, des morceaux de Psycho de Alfred Hitchcock, des miettes de Bande à part de Jean-Luc Godard saupoudré de Touch of Evil d'Orson Welles, le tout sur fond de Nirvana.

Saul Bass' Movie Title on Youtube

During his 40-year career Saul Bass worked for some of Hollywood's greatest filmmakers, including most notably Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese. Via Neatorama and Blogdecine


An Eye For Annai

Sheridan design students Jonathan Klassen and Dan Rodrigues present a lovely animated short entitled An Eye For Annai. "This film was done by me and Dan Rodrigues in our third year at Sheridan College's Classical Animation Program. Everything is hand drawn and animated. We coloured the animation digitally, and the backgrounds are a mix of traditional and digital. I played the recorder for the soundtrack, and the jazz music near the middle is from Louis Armstrong's "Jeepers Creepers". The whole film comes in at just under 5 minutes long, and we're pretty darn proud of it. Tell your friends."

Tween 2005 Awards

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The results are in for the first annual Tween Awards. Behold the glorious winners! If you know any of them, buy them a drink and slap them heartily on the back. It's their work that keeps our engines running in this mad, mad world of design and animation. Thanks to all the Tween readers for their participation. Your votes and suggestions made the Tween Awards possible. Special thanks also to Tween author Babe Baker for coming up with the idea of the Tween Awards in the first place.

Digital air

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Digital Air présente ses techniques d'effets spéciaux sur base d'une batterie de caméras, permettant d'arrêter le temps tout en navigant au milieu d'une scène.


Titles Designed by Saul Bass

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Bass’ expertise in design exhibits a range (his corporate identities and posters are also durable graphic statements), yet his distinguishing aesthetic is one of economy and simplicity. It is in this regard that his work in credits design is of particular significance


· Kostr-film ·

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Animal Logic: Home

Animal Logic is a digital production company at the forefront of the international visual effects industry. Over the past decade it has proven itself across a broad range of visual media including film, television, computer games and Internet.

Chris Cunningham - Michel Gondry

// ~ Some Music Videos

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dj format music video clips / gold chains / the bees / ellen allien...