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Free Photoshop Brushes by Brusheezy

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Stupid Name. Cool Brushes! Welcome to! A place for artists to download and vote for the best custom photoshop brushes and photoshop patterns on the internet!

Download: Photoshop Brushes Series 40

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I've had a surprising number of requests for a collection of watercolor-style brushes for Adobe Photoshop. But with the limitations of Photoshop's paint engine, that's a bit of a trick. Unlike programs like Corel Painter and Synthetik Studio Artist, Photoshop doesn't give you the ability to create anything that truly behaves like wet media with spreading, smearing and diffusing effects. Nevertheless, we can get part way there.


Photoshop Brushes

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Anyway, most of these are from clipart collections unless otherwise noted (hence, I did not draw any of them. I simply got them from royalty free clipart books and software).

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Free and original Photoshop Brushes


Pack of brushes

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