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This precision fully tried and tested H/D British made steel adaptor with 4 hardened pins, allows the use of Bosch GOP & PMF blades on the quick change blade (Lever operated) Fein Multimaster machines FMM250Q. and FMM250 Start.



The brand DICK stands for high-quality, sharp tools with long useful lives. The comprehensive product range is aimed at both professional craftsmen and keen DIY specialists. In addition to tools for wood working, sharpening accessories and associated services, the widest possible variety of materials as well as a large selection of knives, DICK also offers Europe’s largest selection of Japanese hand tools. Experts are available to help you select the right tools, and will be pleased to answer any related questions you might have. The product range is complemented by a range of focused specialist courses for traditional craftsmanship techniques which is unique to Europe.


» Como hacer un «automatic pen» con una lata.

Herramientas como los «automatic pen» que se venden en la tienda John Neal, son muy útiles y producen un trazo perfecto. Sin embargo, plumas parecidas pueden improvisarse en 10 minutos a precio cero. Esto es especialmente útil en Latinoamérica en donde a menudo quienes se interesan en la caligrafía no encuentran los materiales necesarios para practicar en las tiendas de suministros artísticos.


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