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Which brands (fictional and non-fictional) have appeared in the Town/City theme? - LEGO® Answers

I also only focused on the fictional brands, but I know some licensed brands have appeared too.

Logos in Lego Town

I love the list of 'fictional universes' on Wikipedia. It contains everything from The Simpsons to Star Trek to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The Fictional Universes database on Freebase is even better, as it contains thousands of details about the universes, such as species, objects, and even ethnicities.


brand tags

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A collective experiment in brand perception. All tags are generated by people like you and do not reflect the opinions of the site owner or anyone else he knows. Have fun. //// les pages de tags sont assez chouettes


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Design system for Olympic games / metros / zoos / museums / corporations and urban centers...

SNCF idées d'avance

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Une belle masturbation... | Google Search Application Brand | Technology and Innovations | Brand Extensions

Google has been quietly making in-house search hardware available to select private customers for some years, and by the end of 2004, Google Search Appliance units were commercially available across North America and Europe.


Branding and visual identity of the Mozilla

Recommendations for the branding and visual identity of the Mozilla Foundation’s product and project line - by Steven Garrity creative director de et je suis aussi tombé sur le portfolio du designer des logos / icons

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