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Kampai Budokai

Muso Shinden Omori Ryu


The snow covered Izumo seen from the window of the air-plane was just so refreshing that I felt myself purified as if landing on to the holy ground. Driving for one hour and half from the air port, I went through a long tunnel jus like the womb of a huge dragon. Having passed quiet country village, I headed forth into a hilly cedar mountain. I couldn't help sensing god's presence there. I pushed my way through the deep snow, there appeared Kanayago-jinja. (the guardian deity of iron). I had to climb the steep approach to the shrine. Snow was swept clean around the shrine and I saw names of worshippers praying for the success of their Kera making were recorded in a note-book. I simply felt a strong impulse to observe how iron be made. Having opened door, there I found Tatara.


Martial Arts of Japan: The Classical Martial Arts Resource