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My Gear Main Page « Vincent Laforet's Blog

The following is a catalogue of the different pieces of gear I have been using in my kit – some for years and some only more recently. I have included the items I currently use and love most, and just like my kit, expect this list to be ever evolving. There will be new additions to the list over time, and I will continue to populate it with examples and behind the scenes footage of the gear in action.


Pocketwizard Blog

We're excited by all of the PocketWizard shooters around the globe, and set up this blog so we can share their enthusiasm for making images. Thanks for visiting.

35 Absolutely Essential Mac Apps - FreelanceSwitch - The Freelance Blog

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For one reason or another, a lot of freelancers use Macs. It may be the raw power, the stability or they may just look rather - cool? Well, both of us know why that really is. It’s the apps! The software that makes the hardware bling, and it’s not necessarily thanks to Apple. Aperture and iCal may be nice, but often we rely on the smaller, even more useful applications. Here’s a list of great little applications that the Mac-powered freelancer should consider.

2007 / HOME

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Le projet Lense s’est lancé en 2007, sur une simple envie de parler photo de manière aussi efficace que décontractée. Car nous sommes aujourd’hui tous intéressés ou passionnés par cet art aussi accessible que pointu, récemment bouleversé par la révolution numérique.

2005 » [Audio] Quelques jours avec un Nikon D200

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Le bruit court depuis quelques temps : le D200 ne serait pas loin. Je confirme il n’est pas loin, on l’a traqué dans les bois, on l’a attrappé.