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Graphic Novels: A Visual Language

Seth, art spiegelman, chris ware, joe sacco & chester brown



Le blog de Paul Pope

Daniel Clowes - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Daniel Gillespie Clowes (born April 14, 1961 in Chicago) is an American author, screenwriter and cartoonist of alternative comic books, including Eightball and Lloyd Llewellyn. He is best known by mainstream audiences for the movie Ghost World, which he adapted from some of his stories.

Andy's Comix Website

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A History of Picture Stories : Over 350 scrolldown pages of comics, or comics-related illustration.

Evolution of Speechballoons

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During the 18th century, British caricaturists changed the shape of speechballoons from gothic speech-bands or flags into fluffy balloons, our modern speechballoons. I'm using the word speechballoon as the general, inclusive term. (The gothic form of speechballoons are speechbands, flags, scrolls or sheets of paper, the modern form of speechballoons are balloons, but also little rectangles, often rounded at the edges, or simply little blocks of text above the heads of the speaker etc, etc).

Daniel Clowes

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“Clowes demonstrates that the medium, in the hands of an expert, can generate narratives as complex and textured as any work of fiction” - ça donne envie de se faire toute la collection après la lecture de l'excellent David Boring Graphic Novels for People Who Hate Comics

Kristi asked yesterday about good graphic novels for book groups. In response, here's a list of comics that I think nearly any adult would find entertaining and interesting. Note the absence of superheroes


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An interactive comic blog uploaded weekly from Tokyo by German comic artist Dirk Schwieger. Readers are invited to submit assignments and can read a comic about his efforts...

MILE HIGH COMICS presents THE BEAT at Chris Ware moves ACME to FSG

Chris Ware, unwilling to compromise the quality of his products, moves his ACME Novelty Library series from Fantagraphics - Chris Ware, unwilling to compromise the quality of his products, moves his ACME Novelty Library series from Fantagraphics to Drawn & Quarterly.

Penguin Classics

Penguin Classics presents the Graphic Classics - timeless works of literature featuring amazing, one-of-a-kind cover illustrations from some today's best graphic artists. These Penguin Classics Deluxe Editions also feature French flaps, rough fronts and luxurious packaging. Look for more Graphic Classics in the months ahead!

Fading Fast

The short comic story Fading Fast, by Joe Alterio

The Webcomics Examiner

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Webcomics entertain millions of people every day. But it is not widely recognized that they are also a medium of personal expression and experimental art. The easy access and wide distribution of the web has inspired an explosion of creativity, and digital art has opened the door to previously-impossible innovations in form. Indeed, we are in the midst of a new golden age of comics.


The Religious Experience of Philip K. Dick by R. Crumb

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"litterally in the sense i saw the light. I was blinded... I thought jesus christ ! What's happening ? I'm blind, my head hurts, can't see nothing, all i can see is pink... A phosphene after image, like you see whan a flashbilb fires off."

Unintentionally sexual comic book covers: Part 1.

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I was going through a stash of old comic books the other day, when I came across several that seemed a bit odd; not in the sense that the comics were strange or unique, but rather, because beneath the seemingly innocent veil of child-like artwork was a subtle nod towards debauchery. The artists who created these covers probably never meant for them to to be used as spank fodder, but being the mean-spirited, immature, asshole that I am, I've decided to do the only thing that a grown adult would do: point out juvenile observations of unintentionally sexual acts on comic book covers.

Seduction of the Innocent

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IN THE LATE 1940s and early 1950s, a distinguished psychiatrist named Dr. Fredric Wertham made a name for himself in the United States by leading a crusade against violent comic books. His 1954 book exposing the comic-book industry, Seduction of the Innocent , is still remembered in American comics fandom as a wildly exaggerated and overwrought polemic and has gone on to become a collector's item in its own right. Even the comic books mentioned in the text or used as source illustrations have also become collector's items because of their association with him and the book. Facing a public relations nightmare and hearings by the US Senate subcommittee on juvenile delinquency, fearful publishers either went out of business or banded together to form a Comics Code Authority that would censor comic books before some outside body did it for them. American comics fans have no cause to love Dr. Wertham. They remember him as the man who attacked comics with his hysterical book, helped kill EC Comics (the one publisher doing anything like adult-level material), and brought on the Comics Code that reduced American comics to a childish mentality. Many fans have associated Dr. Wertham with Senator Joseph McCarthy, well-known for his anti-Communist crusade at about the same time, and legends circulate of Dr. Wertham accusing comic books of being a Communist plot or some such.

Meanwhile : an interactive comic book

"Meanwhile" begins as our young hero in dire need of a bathroom, knocks on the door of a mysterious recluse. His mansion is in fact a wonderous laboratory filled with amazing inventions: A mind reading helmet, a doomsday device and a time travel machine (although it can only go back ten minutes).

Get your Katrina on

Rees clip-art characters speak about Katrina

The Unsinkable Denis Kitchen

”But getting good comix created and published is only half the battle. Getting them into the hands of customers is always the more complex equation.”

Indy Magazine

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Indy Magazine closely examines various aspects of Art Spiegelman's oeuvre, from the underground, through Raw, to Maus, and beyond.

Drawn! The Illustration Blog

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Drawn! site is a multi-author blog devoted to illustration, art, cartooning and drawing. Its purpose is to inspire creativity by sharing links and resources.