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Terralinq(TM) by booq

If you ever lose your booq® bag with its valuable cargo, Terralinq may help reunite you with your lost bag once it has been located and reported to Terralinq. To make this possible, each booq bag with Terralinq carries a unique item number on a metal label. Registering links a product's unique number with an identity - yours. Should a registered bag be reported as lost & found, Terralinq will attempt to contact you with a bag's location and the finder's contact information.

hard graft | 3FOLD Multi-Use Bag | All Grey | VIEW ALL

One bag. Three distinct formats. The 3Fold is a slim Laptop Bag, a spacious Overnighter or a sizeable A2 Portfolio Bag. The intelligent nature of the bag makes it as flexible as your lifestyle demands.



The "randoseru" backpack is a cultural icon in Japan, most schoolkids wear one and most adults consider it a symbol of "school days." Outside of Japan these small backpacks are appreciated for their boxy roominess and distinctive style by people of all ages. Hideo's family business is one of the leading makers of randoseru in Japan. In this version, Hideo has re-designed it with lightweight and weather-resistant polyurethane in place of heavy leather.

Sacs-photo: les marques et modèles : vos avis et commentaires - EOS-Numerique

Voila que depuis quelque temps beaucoup de discussions sont ouvertes pour demander des infos concernant les sacs photo: "quelle marque choisir", "quel modèle", "sac pour randonné", "sac pour voyager", "sac photo pour petit matériel", "sac pour une grande quantité de matériel", etc, etc, etc....




Onya Bags

We do go on about plastic grocery bags and what a blight they are. Yet how often are we shopping and realize that we did not bring our box/canvas carrier/reuseable bag and guiltily take one or two for our groceries. Onya has a clever solution to the problem: Its bag comes with a pouch and becomes your key chain, so you always have it with you.

João Sabino's Keyboard Bag

a bag made of a recycled keyboards - existe aussi en noir ;)

Everquest Design 2004 - Own a piece of history

Unique, limited edition bags with AUTHENTIC parachutes from Space Station missions, America's Cup sails, Mount Everest Expeditions and more.

Voltaic Backpack, Solar Backpack, Solar Bag

The Voltaic™ solar bags are mobile power generators, designed to charge your devices without tying you to a power outlet.

Spire USA: Laptop Backpack, Laptop Bag, Laptop Case

From the compact Zoom to the monstrous Meta, we've got just the right backpack for your laptop. All of our packs include a removable, padded vertical Boot sleeve.

Timbuk2 -- Messenger Bags

The Laptop Family of bags helps keep you organized on-the-go. Click on any of the styles shown for detailed info about standard and custom features, fabrics and colors, and dimensions.

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