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Volkswagen texting while driving saftey ad hijacks cinemagoer's phones | Mail Online

It is a shocking demonstration of just how distracting a text message can be. Hong Kong cinemagoers were shown an ad with someone driving through a forest. However, midway through, they were sent a text message - and when they checked their handset, the on screen car careered of the road and crashed, leaving them shocked and stunned.

This Is How You Get People To Stop Texting While Driving - Digg

In a very smart PSA run in Hong Kong, Volkswagen sent text messages to people while they watched footage of a driver who gets in an accident while texting.



Black Cloud

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While the Chinese economu is booming, the skies above its cities are darkening. One of the biggest causes is the phenomenal growth in the number of cars and exhaust emissions


Transportation Futuristics : A Presentation of the Harmer E. Davis Transportation Library

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Visionary Designs in Transportation Engineering: A virtual exhibit to accompany the Bernice Layne Brown Gallery installation in Doe Library, July 6th to September 29th, 2004