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VC&G | 50 Vintage Web Ad Banners

While browsing through my file archives some years ago, I ran across a few folders of locally cached web pages. Browsers like Netscape and Internet Explorer saved these files in order to speed up load times upon future visits to the same sites. Browsers today do the same thing, but the functionality was far more vital in the days of sluggish dial-up modem connections.


How to Advertise on a Porn Website | Eat24 Blog

Hi, we’re Eat24. If you already know us – hey sexy, welcome back, looking good. If you’re new, let’s catch you up: Eat24 is the Internet’s favorite food delivery app and website. The first rule of Eat24 Club used to be “don’t talk about Eat24 Club,” but that  turned out to be a terrible marketing strategy

Behind The Banner

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The entire ad placement network is one of the most complex computational systems on the planet. Behind The Banner is an attempt to understand the underlying interactions that define this ecosystem, and how they impact our daily use of the web.


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We spend hours a day online, and we see ads on every webpage we visit. But we don’t have any way of tracking the ads we’re being served — we don’t even know how many ads the average person sees in a given day.

« Il faut passer du web du clic au web de l’attention » | Medialand

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Tony Haile est PDG de Chartbeat, une société basée à New York et connue pour son service de mesure d'audience en temps réel : il équipe de très nombreux sites d'information dont ceux du New York Times, du Monde, de CNN, ESPN, Forbes…

Beware: Your chocolate chip cookie is spying on you | MNN - Mother Nature Network

The White House may be asking food marketers to be responsible when it comes to marketing to kids, but the snack food industry still needs to keep increasing its profits. Mondelez International, the company that owns brands like Chips Ahoy and Ritz, is going about it in an intrusive and rather creepy way. This is something you need to be aware of.

Facebook turns user tracking 'bug' into data mining 'feature' for advertisers | ZDNet

Facebook announced changes to its privacy and advertising policies on its company blog last Thursday, extending Facebook's ability to track users outside of Facebook -- undoing previous assurances it "does not track users across the web."

Google rompt avec les annonceurs porno — Le Tag Parfait

AdWords, la régie publicitaire de Google, existe depuis près de quinze ans. C’est elle qui glisse de petites suggestions sur la page de résultats lorsque vous louez les services de l’hégémonique moteur de recherche. Vous voulez prendre soin de votre premier bonsaï ? AdWords vous tend une poignée de sites sur lesquels vous êtes susceptibles de dépenser vos sous : des boutiques de jardinage, des bonsaïstes professionnels, et cetera. Toutes ces annonces sont sélectionnées par AdWords en fonction de votre position géographique, de votre langue, du moment de la journée et surtout des termes utilisés dans votre requête.

Volkswagen texting while driving saftey ad hijacks cinemagoer's phones | Mail Online

It is a shocking demonstration of just how distracting a text message can be. Hong Kong cinemagoers were shown an ad with someone driving through a forest. However, midway through, they were sent a text message - and when they checked their handset, the on screen car careered of the road and crashed, leaving them shocked and stunned.

Opt Out From Online Behavioral Advertising By Participating Companies (BETA)

Welcome to the consumer opt out page for the Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising. Our participating companies are committed to transparency and choice. Some of the ads you receive on Web pages are customized based on predictions about your interests generated from your visits over time and across different Web sites. This type of ad customization — sometimes called "online behavioral" or "interest-based" advertising — is enabled through your computer browser and browser cookies. Such online advertising helps support the free content, products and services you get online.

This Is How You Get People To Stop Texting While Driving - Digg

In a very smart PSA run in Hong Kong, Volkswagen sent text messages to people while they watched footage of a driver who gets in an accident while texting.

All sent and received e-mails in Gmail will be analyzed, says Google | Ars Technica

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Google added a paragraph to its terms of service as of Monday to tell customers that, yes, it does scan e-mail content for advertising and customized search results, among other reasons. The change comes as Google undergoes a lawsuit over its e-mail scanning, with the plaintiffs complaining that Google violated their privacy.

Putain ouais pubs JV

Quand les pubs faisaient autant envie que les previews


The Top 20 Tumblr Ads of the Year | Adweek

When Tumblr introduced in-stream sponsored posts last spring, skeptics predicted millennials would flee. But the blogging site soared to 47 million visitors in October, up 42 percent since the ads debuted, per comScore.

Mozilla's Cookie-Blocking Plan Forces Ad Biz to Seek Alternatives | Adweek

Mozilla's cookie-blocking plan has been controversial from the start. As much as privacy hawks praised it, it was blasted by the interactive advertising industry for its potential to wipe out smaller Web publishers that rely on third-party ads to stay in business. And unlike with Microsoft's default Do Not Track browser, which simply sends a signal, Mozilla's plan can't be ignored. 

Advertising Industry Proposal for Do Not Track Rejected by W3C Group | Adweek

The advertising industry suffered a setback late last night when the Tracking Protection Working Group of the World Wide Web Consortium rejected the Digital Advertising Alliance's draft proposal for a universal Do Not Track standard.

Ads Native

Monetize your mobile feeds with branded content users love 25% of web traffic is mobile. Our platform is the best way to monetize this traffic through native ads.

5 reasons why native advertising has a bright future | VentureBeat

The holy grail of advertising is when users regard an ad part of their experience and worth their attention, just like a Super Bowl commercial or a glossy page in Vogue. In the digital world, the equivalent is not a banner or pre-roll video, it is a native ad!

Do You Know Where You’ll Be 285 Days From Now At 2 P.M.? These Data-Masters Do | Fast Company | Business + Innovation

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Marketers and advertisers, too, would relish the opportunity to target our future selves with ads like, “Need a haircut? In four days, you’ll be 100 yards from a salon that will have a $15 special.” On the social side, there could even be something like a Foursquare of the Future--who wouldn’t want to know where their friends (and enemies) will be for the rest of their lives…or at least for the next 285 days?

Twitter ouvre ses données à la puissante agence de publicité WPP

Twitter fait ami-ami avec l'agence de publicité britannique WPP. Les deux sociétés ont conclu un partenariat stratégique à travers lequel le puissant groupe publicitaire et de communication britannique (70 milliards de dollars de revenus !) utilisera les données du réseau social afin de mieux cibler les campagnes de ses clients.


Windows 8 Push Arrives on 14 Conde Nast Covers | Media - Advertising Age

Microsoft's massive ad campaign promoting Windows 8 has arrived in magazines from publishers including Hearst, Time Inc. and Conde Nast. But glossy promotions fixed to the front of Conde Nast's December issues seem to push boundaries that magazines have long observed.

Fujitsu Develops Invisible QR Codes Made Of Light - PSFK

Instead of seeing a banner or icon on the screen, viewers' phones would pick up extra beams of light to receive coupons and other offers from advertisers.

Wonderbra révèle vos dessous avec un décoder très spécial | The rabbit hole

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La dernière campagne crossmedia de Wonderbra vous propose de décoder les messages à l’aide d’une application mobile (iPhone et Androïd. Dans le cadre de sa campagne de presse et d’affichage, l’application reconnait l’image de la campagne et affiche ne version plus « hot » du mannequin Adriana Cernanova égérie de la marque.