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Hubert de Lartigue : pas à pas "X-wing"

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Ne vous est-il jamais arrivé de triturer un vieux ticket de métro entre deux stations ? Moi je l'ai fait durant six mois (en 2004 année magique) en me demandant comment lui donner une forme cool.


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My name is Ron Rementilla and I run to help guide people find the best free papercrafts on the web and promote the works of prominent and up-and-coming paper modelers, even the obscured ones.

craftershock - all things crafty.

Craftershock is your source of all things crafty. We seek out and showcase the work of talented crafters of all types. We also offer tutorials, project ideas, and a handy guide to craft fairs and events. If that's not enough -- the crafts we create are for sale in our shop! We love audience participation! If you want to see your goodies on Craftershock, send us a message at showcasethis [at]

craftershock - all things crafty.» Create Your Own Mini Koinobori

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Create Your Own Mini Koinobori Today, we’re going to show you how to make your own mini koinobori! This template was created by a super creative crafter, artist, and Dal Frara enthusiast, Mini-toko. Koinobori Before we get started, you’ll need to download the free template (PDF). Now that you’ve done that, let’s get to work!

ZOOM . activities . do . Koinobori | PBS Kids

Koinobori is Japanese for a flag that's shaped like a kind of fish called a carp. Every year on May 5th, Japanese families fly these flags in front of their homes to celebrate a holiday called Children's Day.


Canon France - Animaux 3D Paper Art

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Créez vos propres animaux en papier : de mignons petits animaux amusants à fabriquer. Choisissez parmi les chiens ou les autres animaux plus exotiques. Lorsque vous aurez fini de les fabriquer, pourquoi ne pas leur donner un nom ? Faites entrer le zoo chez vous grâce à de superbes maquettes d'animaux.

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