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January 2007

Draw Here: Virtual Street Art - Graffiti for the Web

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Use the Draw Here bookmarklet to draw on top of web pages while you are browsing the web. If you save your drawings, other Draw Here users will then be able to see your drawings when they go to the same page.

June 2006

Graffiti Research Lab » Night Writer

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The night writer extends the functionality of LED throwies by allowing a writer to catch a tag in lights. It’s cheap, easy to make and writes 12-inch glowing letters 25-feet in the air on any iron or steel surface…if you stand on a turned over garbage can.

September 2005


Vandals young and old can now smudge virtual vehicles and walls from the comfort and safety of their armchair, using vandsquad online graffiti tool. With 20.000 of these daubs coming in every month, our vast archives now contain more than 2.000.000 graffiti works and 40.000 personal profile pages