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January 2007 - PC-gaming with money at stake

Gamelio is a new and unique gaming experience. Here you can play your favourite PC games like Counter Strike and Quake for real money in a safe environment. It's easy to connect to the games, and the games are modified so that you can play anytime with anyone logged on. You can choose between three different types of game shoot 'em all, shoot and go, or large tournaments and at the stake level you wish.

December 2006

New on the Web : Politic as Usual

Here is a listing of some of the most influential bloggers who went to work for campaigns this year, what they were paid according to campaign disclosure documents, and praiseworthy posts about their employers or critical ones of their employers’ opponents.

March 2006

MAKE: Blog: The Future of Credit Cards - Earning virtual currency for spending in the real world & other world bridging

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Very soon, credit card companies and game makers will reward their customers who spend money in the real world using private label "rewards" credit cards. They will use gifts of virtual currency such as Blizzard's World of Warcraft gold and Second Life's Linden dollars.

October 2005

Welcome to Smile, the internet bank

Vainqueur pour la troisième année consécutive du "Ethical Internet Banking". They guarantee that your money will not be invested in any businesses which fail on Environmental, Human, and Animal Rights Issues, or that are involved in the Arms Trade, the development of GM foods, or tobacco products. Furthermore they actively seek to invest in Fair Trade and labor rights organizations, as well as those companies involved in renewable energies and ecological sustainability.

The Disinvestment Campaign

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There are many types of alternatives to World Bank bonds as well as to current economic thinking. Below you will find some basic starting points for exploring these ideas.

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