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16 April 2015

New video series hammers home just how closely we are being watched online - The Globe and Mail

“I’m hoping Do Not Track will be a catalyst for a conversation about the Web we’ve created, and whether we like it,” he says. “I want you to do something. I want you to realize that you are implicated in this.”

Do Not Track: An Interactive Documentary Series | Malwarebytes Unpacked

Who are you, what do you do and who is watching you do it? Three simple questions, posed by a new interactive documentary called Do Not Track. If you’re curious to know exactly what information you’re offering up online when you visit websites, then you’ll want to take part in the interactive portions of their upcoming sessions which run from now until June.

Tester ce que le Net sait de vous - MEDIA - l'ADN

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Arte propose un web documentaire personnalisable et interactif sur ce que le Net sait de nous. Une démonstration édifiante et in situ : entrez votre adresse e-mail... et le web docu vous dira tout ce qu'il peut déduire de cette simple information... Impressionnant.

Avec “Do not track”, souriez, vous êtes traqué - L'actu Médias / Net - Télé

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On le sait, sur Internet les données privées sont très prisées. La série documentaire “Do not track”, coproduite par Arte, a cherché à en savoir plus sur les mouchards du Web, en observant nos habitudes. A découvrir en ligne.

15 April 2015

« Do Not Track » : vous reprendrez bien un peu de cookies - Rue89 - L'Obs

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Alors pour devenir des citoyens avertis, rendez-vous toutes affaires cessantes sur la plateforme « Do Not Track », non sans avoir autorisé les cookies à vous suivre, tout de même... web cookies report | | 1317273 provides free audit of web cookies used by a website. See how websites are tracking user activities using web cookies, obtain an easy to understand cookie usage summary and find out about compliance with new EU privacy law. No additional software installation is required.

14 April 2015

Do not track (Arte). Vincent Glad : "On essaie que la prise de conscience ait lieu en amont" - news télé

Ce mardi 14 avril, Arte (en partenariat avec d'autres médias) lance Do not track, une série documentaire dont le but est d'alerter les citoyens sur la réalité qui se cache derrière l'internet gratuit.

This Surveillance Documentary Creeps You Out With How Much It Knows About You | Motherboard

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How do you make mass surveillance relevant to the average person? Well, you could make the issue all about dick pics, like John Oliver did last week. Do Not Track, a new documentary web series premiering online today, is taking a less carnal approach: the site scoops up your data and uses it to give every episode a terrifyingly personal touch.

Do not Track: an online, interactive documentary about who’s watching you | World news | The Guardian

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“I know right now that this is the country you live in,” says a seemingly omnipotent narrator as an image of the Queen flashes up on my screen. “I know that it is a nice morning. I know that you’re on a Mac.”

13 April 2015

BBC - Future - The dystopian lake filled by the world’s tech lust

Hidden in an unknown corner of Inner Mongolia is a toxic, nightmarish lake created by our thirst for smartphones, consumer gadgets and green tech, discovers Tim Maughan.

03 April 2015

edjing and edjing Pro | Mix your songs anywhere, anytime!

No more waste of time. Only mixing. edjing introduces the “Gobal Search”. Search on multiple music catalogues at once to find the song you want to mix in one click. The new edjing also comes with a “Current Playlist” feature to help you manage the tracks you want to play.

Speakeasy Cocktails: Learn from the Modern Mixologists - Betterbook

Making the perfect cocktail requires the perfect mix of art, video, and old-fashioned storytelling. In Speakeasy Cocktails, two of the world's top bartenders reveal their best-kept secrets through video tutorials, instructional graphics, and hundreds of interactive recipes.

We All Have Photographic Memories | NextDraft Originals

Avoiding a digitized version of a very public experience from 1980 is hard enough. Avoiding often immediately available digitized versions of our modern experiences is nearly impossible. This is especially true for kids whose entire childhoods seem to be digitally documented. Digital photography provides so many images — and the access to those images is so immediate — that our actual memories or perceptions of a moment can be replaced by a digital memory in near realtime.

02 April 2015

Since The 1980s, Jeff Bridges Has Done Something Incredible On The Set Of All His Movies. | The Roosevelts

Since the 1980s, Jeff Bridges has been taking set shots and behind-the-scene photos from all his films with his unique panoramic Widelux camera. His consistency is amazing.

01 April 2015

You Can Play Pac-Man On Google Maps Right Now

Go to Google Maps, find yourself an area with lots of roads (New York City will do nicely), and click the big Pac-Man icon

30 March 2015

Online icon converter for png, ico, and icns - iConvertIcons

iConvert Icons converts and creates custom icons for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, and Android. More »

Beautiful Destruction: 11 Gorgeous Geologic Maps of Volcanoes | WIRED

IT'S NOT ALWAYS obvious what it is that scientists find beautiful about a graph, microscope slide, soil sample or some other aspect of their work. It just looks like numbers, blobs or dirt to the rest of us. But sometimes a scientific result or product is so visually appealing, anyone would want to hang it on their wall as art.

Tangram Vector map

Proof-of-concept demo of creative cartography using animated vectors to present Open Streetmap data (in this case, heavily inspired by TRON).

Adding captions and subtitles to HTML5 video ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog

We finally have a native way to add video and audio to our websites. We also have a JavaScript API that allows us to interact with this media content in different ways, be it writing our own controls or simply seeing how long a video file is. As responsible web developers, we should also be constantly thinking about making our content more accessible, and this doesn’t stop with video and audio content. Making our content accessible to all is an important step, be it for someone who is hard of hearing or someone who doesn’t understand the language that the content is delivered in, inclusion can be paramount.

UDL On Campus: Captions

Captions provide support for understanding audio. They are a vital part of providing access to content on television, DVDs, online streamed media, and web conferencing. Learn about Best Practices for captioning, how to create captions in Do it Yourself, and explore additional Resources about captions.

Se reapproprier les espaces defensifs ou deconsideres de nos villes

Couvrez cette ville que je ne saurais voir ! Depuis quelques années, les décideurs publics et les aménageurs urbains jouent les Tartuffe à trop vouloir se protéger des dérives de nos villes. Mobilier urbain anti SDF, éclairage spécial dans les gares pour éviter les drogués, dispositifs sonores anti-jeunes, la ville préfère contourner ses problèmes par des aménagements à tendance discriminatoire.

Au Canada, des bancs ingénieux conçus pour les SDF

L’automne dernier à Vancouver, au Canada, une association a mis en place des bancs spécialement conçus pour les sans-abri. L’initiative fait enfin parler d’elle. Septembre 2013 : l’organisme à but non lucratif Raincity Housing, en collaboration avec l’agence de pub Spring Advertising, installe des bancs destinés aux sans-abri dans la ville de Vancouver. Ces refuges temporaires, modulables pour certains, permettent à ceux qui n’ont pas de toit d’au moins se protéger de la pluie.

Architects are purposely designing uncomfortable park benches - Quartz

Much of the contemporary discourse on urban design is rooted in acclaimed architectural theorist Oscar Newman’s influential 1973 book, Defensible Space. Newman believed that criminal and generally irresponsible behavior was facilitated by (typically modernist) “anonymous public spaces”

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