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05 December 2005

30 November 2005

Rashmi Sinha's weblog

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thoughts on technology, design & cognition

29 November 2005

25 November 2005

Inside Social Networks

Use as few devices as possible. Learn one piece of software really well. Paper still useful. Also, very good tech tips for social networks, analysis of networkers. Access, Awareness, Trust.

23 November 2005

22 November 2005

IBM Sets Its Sights on Social Networking Tools

By creating a centralized online resource where anyone in the company can contribute to the quandaries the firm said it not only finds answers faster, but also allows employees to find out who among them has experience on a particular topic, or which work


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Yet another social bookmarking service

21 November 2005

18 November 2005

17 November 2005 - Blog Archive IBM's dogear

17,000 bookmarks generated in 2-3 months sounds like a pretty worthwhile investment for an intranet re-design project and is something I hope we can consider implementing when we're re-designing our own site (granted we have a few less staff than IBM).