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December 2005

oli_birdie: Hong Kong Stories

But I decided to hold my tongue. It was Sunday after all. It was their time to talk before another week of mute laboring.

November 2005

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August 2005

SpecOps to outsource software dev't to India, Vietnam -

The nerve of these people to complain about the lack of talent in the Philippines, when most geeks wouldn't go near such a shady project! I'm going to rant about this on my blog later.

Philippine Silicon Alley - KatipunanBGN (formerly KatipunanForum)

Initiative to develop a Philippine Silicon Valley in the ASTI / UP Diliman / Ateneo area, backed by Dennis Posadas (author of Rice Bowl and Chips), Lawrence Hughes (Infoweapons), and Maoi Arroyo (Hybridigm)

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January 2005

Cyberpress | 3rd Annual Forum on the Philippine Gaming Industry

January 28, 2005. 1:00 - 5:30, Grand Ballroom, Hotel Intercontinental Manila, Makati, Philippines

Local chapter of gaming org names new board -

Ranulf new chair of Manila chapter of International Game Development Association (IGDA), yay!


cmarguel: HTML version of application form, insight: it's all about the girls...

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