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31 August 2005 19:00

broadening & GenEd

[saturday, 05 february 2005] The only two things I'm looking forward to after the Chinese New Year holidays will be: 1) my broadening course, and 2) my Gen Ed course. Not that I don't know I'm supposed to cultivate a deeper interest into my law courses an

31 August 2005 17:00


[thursday, 14 april 2005] 這星期要多謝的人: 多謝 您。 多謝 嚴焗雞 + 譚雞翼。 多謝 Rick。 多謝 Professor Lie Ken Jie。 多謝 natalie。 多謝 erik benson (haha 我唔識佢)。 多謝 Nathan (arm arm 識佢)。 多謝 an

tomatoes from Professor Lie Ken Jie!!! XD

[thursday, 21 april 2005] thank you, Professor Lie!!!!! i'll always remember your five tomatoes!!!!! (the red font color is called "tomato"!!! lol)

31 August 2005 05:00

boardgaming + dgs visit + lkj's email

[tuesday, 31 may 2005] yesterday: almost ten hours non-stop boardgaming with kirk, kris, kitty, ava and yorkie...XDDD....from ticket to ride europe 2005 to carcassonne to bohnanza to san juan...jung yau contract bridge......haha so bin visi

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