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01 September 2005 13:00

PRC law student

[sunday, 05 december 2004] what on earth is this PRC law student doing??? don't tell me he's MEMORZING THE CRIMINAL CODE.....

01 September 2005 12:00


[monday, 06 december 2004] 17 days til liberty...

一 單 領 匯 , 一 單 法 改 會

[friday, 10 december 2004] 昨 天 早 上 正 在 溫 benny tai 的 筆 記 時 benny tai 的 聲 音 就 在 電 台 出 現 當 天 晚 上 正 在 讀 johannes 的 文 章 時 johannes 又 在 電 視 上 出 現 !


[thursday, 23 december 2004] finally had time to read this: LO SIU LAN & ANR. v HONG KONG HOUSING AUTHORITY -- Hartmann J, 15 Dec 2004 don't trust the newspapers. read the judgement yourself -- and make your own judgement! quoted here are portions of the

31 August 2005 19:00

holiday's virtually over

[thursday, 06 january 2005] (above: my current flickr favourites) my holiday's virtually over...everyone has already got started with their cons essay and i still haven't decided on my topic yet! must "bok sart" now... and bonnie (if you're reading this),

law school stress

[friday, 14 january 2005] download the booklet here: [ lawschoolstress.pdf ] or click here to learn more.

31 August 2005 17:00


[wednesday, 06 april 2005] 很沉痛。 已不欲多言,但未能沉默! 嚴烈抗議特區政府 提請人大再再再釋法!!!!!!!!!曾蔭權有香港良心梁愛詩為民主著想內地學者說人大釋法有助鞏固一國兩制

反釋法遊行19 日舉行

[friday, 08 april 2005] From Article 45 Concern Group: Join Our 419 Silent March! To express our regret of the SAR Government’s decision to seek an interpretation by the NPC Standing Committee and our concern for the rule of law in Hong Kong under the "

4.19 Silent March

[wednesday, 20 april 2005] 4.19 Silent March:

"rubbing human faeces on himself"

[thursday, 28 april 2005] i can't believe this...MJ pg. 584 reads: "In Chung Chi-cheung ([1987] HKLR 1221), it was held that D, by rubbing human faeces on himself when the police were about to search him, thereby obstructed them in the execution of their

31 August 2005 06:00

crim essay

[tuesday, 03 may 2005] broke my personal record: 2500 words (excluding footnotes, bibliography, formatting, etc.) research essay done in one night (that is less than 12 hours) using a keyboard with a broken CTRL key (which means i couldn't do any handy sh

exam timetable

[wednesday, 04 may 2005] "There are times I almost think I am not sure of what I absolutely know...Very often find confusion In conclusion I concluded long ago...In my head are many facts that, as a student, I have studied to procure...In my head are many

31 August 2005 05:00


[wednesday, 25 may 2005] one more subject to go 我的 adrenaline 還可撐多久?

boardgaming + dgs visit + lkj's email

[tuesday, 31 may 2005] yesterday: almost ten hours non-stop boardgaming with kirk, kris, kitty, ava and yorkie...XDDD....from ticket to ride europe 2005 to carcassonne to bohnanza to san juan...jung yau contract bridge......haha so bin visi


[wednesday, 01 june 2005] tiring faces after the first day...

a productive day

[tuesday, 07 june 2005] an extremely productive day!!! completed ALL THREE tasks due today and tmr...this includes researching on whether HK courts are bound by decisions made by japanese appellate courts and whether an action on 'money had and received'

law faculty losing its gems

[wednesday, 08 june 2005] just learned from the SCMP that a remarkable number of EIGHT teachers are leaving the law faculty next year for all different reasons...they include Yash Ghai, Roda Mushkat, Carole Peterson, Lyal Sunga, Jill Cottrell, Matt Busheh

CFA + law society + photos . . .

[wednesday, 08 june 2005] since i keep an offline diary of my work at the law firm i'm not going to spell everything out here again...all i'm gonna say is that the CFA directions hearing was pretty entertaining and this is my first time seeing Edward Chan

flickr freebies + trio tickets

[thursday, 09 june 2005] 今天 law firm 發生了一件不愉快事件....不願再提...@__@ 我竟然慢了兩拍, 出了Flickr Schwag 都唔知!schwag [noun]: 1. free/extra goods, usu. given to employees or workers 2. low grade marijuana buy jor tick

no energy left

[tuesday, 14 june 2005] i'm burning out...

winning over myself

[tuesday, 21 june 2005] it's been a race against time and a battle against pressure with moments of despair and hours of exasperation today i suddenly realized that it wasn't time that i defeated, not pressure i conquered it was me....that i completely w

31 August 2005 04:00

internship ends

[thursday, 30 june 2005] internship has finally came to an end...what i miss most will be the many moments of laughter we shared, all safely recorded in my 53 pages of offline diary :) the memory of june 2005 shall forever become a part of me. looking for

31 August 2005 03:00


[monday, 08 august 2005] 行政命令是什麼? 曾長官說是臨時措施,究竟如何「臨時」法?梁師長講得不清不楚,李處長又叫我們信警方不會濫用,四十五條關注組就覺得命令不可以取代法律 . . . 最好