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01 September 2005 13:00

d. otted rhythmbig news -- the a45 xmaz party!

[saturday, 04 december 2004] FINALLY STH to brighten up my day!!! thanks kirk thank youuuuu THANK YOUUU (for you-know-what....hahahaa) i have the A45 x'maz party to look forward to after the exams.....yay :)enough about it...must concentrate again

01 September 2005 12:00

泛 民 主 派 元 旦 日 遊 行 活 動 安 排

[tuesday, 21 december 2004] 2005 年 1月 1日 , 本 地 多 個 組 織 將 / 擬 個 別 發 起 遊 行 , 以 表 達 他 們 的 訴 求 。 暫 時 資 料 如 下 : 發起團體 集合時間 集合地點 目的地 訴求 ...

lunch with margaret

[thursday, 23 december 2004] HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE!!! XD XD (and don't forget the true spirit of christmas) lunch today at FCC with margaret, kirk, kris, edwin, freeman and sarah :) what a way to start my holidays!

31 August 2005 19:00

webradio 之 " 今 天 真 的 很 高 興 " ( 黃 耀 明 ) !

[thursday, 27 january 2005] Radio 71 七一電台 首播: 1月27日 (星期四) 晚上 10:00 – 11:30 大狀開金口 unplugged 嘉賓: 黃耀明 湯家驊 梁家傑!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ICQ: 288 370 896, Phone-in 熱線: 8203 0336

31 August 2005 17:00


[wednesday, 06 april 2005] 很沉痛。 已不欲多言,但未能沉默! 嚴烈抗議特區政府 提請人大再再再釋法!!!!!!!!!曾蔭權有香港良心梁愛詩為民主著想內地學者說人大釋法有助鞏固一國兩制

反釋法遊行19 日舉行

[friday, 08 april 2005] From Article 45 Concern Group: Join Our 419 Silent March! To express our regret of the SAR Government’s decision to seek an interpretation by the NPC Standing Committee and our concern for the rule of law in Hong Kong under the "

4.19 Silent March

[wednesday, 20 april 2005] 4.19 Silent March:

31 August 2005 05:00

Machiavellian + my cat at @ webradio + beautiful lady

[saturday, 11 june 2005] 我成日被人話好奸...其實個樣比較奸 ja ma...我天生係咁,有相為証: 舊相堆中,還有這幅!!!難得我隻貓上左鏡 XDDD 最後跟大家分享一下呢幅相...個靚女你話係邊個呢? XD

fathers' day

[sunday, 12 june 2005] happy fathers' day! i love you daddy.... it was all unplanned...but during the 2.5 hours we: # met 周杰倫 in new century plaza!!! he's soooo ying.... bumped into Winnie Chiu who's buying a camera!!! she taught me maths but i neve

winning over myself

[tuesday, 21 june 2005] it's been a race against time and a battle against pressure with moments of despair and hours of exasperation today i suddenly realized that it wasn't time that i defeated, not pressure i conquered it was me....that i completely w

31 August 2005 04:00

31 August 2005 03:00

bandwidth attack

[tuesday, 02 august 2005] 轟炸人家的 bandwidth, 實非正人君子所為! 單是八月一日的頭十小時間,便炸了2.7GB...抓破頭也想不明,為何連一個 small potato like me 都不放過?炸了我的網頁又如何?你們以為


[monday, 08 august 2005] 行政命令是什麼? 曾長官說是臨時措施,究竟如何「臨時」法?梁師長講得不清不楚,李處長又叫我們信警方不會濫用,四十五條關注組就覺得命令不可以取代法律 . . . 最好

course selection + hklj meeting + drinks + webradio

[monday, 08 august 2005] finally done! thanks to the help of bonnie (the 揀科 expert), maureen (for telling me about the stupid draft timetable which is helpful but inaccurate), eddy (for the info of UG3a), natalie (for waking me up..haha) and donna (fo