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31 August 2005 06:00

where do i belong

[monday, 02 may 2005] neither here nor there....

crim essay

[tuesday, 03 may 2005] broke my personal record: 2500 words (excluding footnotes, bibliography, formatting, etc.) research essay done in one night (that is less than 12 hours) using a keyboard with a broken CTRL key (which means i couldn't do any handy sh

exam timetable

[wednesday, 04 may 2005] "There are times I almost think I am not sure of what I absolutely know...Very often find confusion In conclusion I concluded long ago...In my head are many facts that, as a student, I have studied to procure...In my head are many


[thursday, 05 may 2005] typedrawing:

flickr fan art group

[thursday, 05 may 2005] created a flickr fan art group today :) feel free to join!!!!

micro icons craze

[friday, 06 may 2005] came across some nifty micro icons today: ipod (a mini icon of a non-mini ipod!!! lol) flickr (fan art again :P) arrow rounded button (neat and clean) folder (white ones always look better, don't they?) pdf (tiniest one ever seen

31 August 2005 05:45

we are but dolls....bursting with life

[sunday, 08 may 2005] we are but tiny dolls bursting with life... "It's not we who come into the world, but the world that comes to us. To be born is the same as to be given the whole world as a gift." ~ Jostein Gaarder to the one who gave me birth -- hap


[tuesday, 10 may 2005] “Balance” - an 1989 Oscar winning short animation only 8 minutes long. Visually stunning and very original. For those who believe in "stability above all else"「穩定大於一切」, this is something for you to see. (Via Clou

jazzing up in HK!!!!

[tuesday, 17 may 2005] this is no dream. this is freakishly real. my favourite jazz group is COMING TO HK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 16/09/2005 (Fri) Jazz Up: Trio Töykeät Hong Kong City Hall (Theatre) Student Tickets: $100, $60 (Presented by LCSD) thanks to ray

from me to you all

[sunday, 22 may 2005] maureen!!! so glad you're back :) :) but don't give me too much of your holiday moood know i still have two more subjects to go! bonnie: get well soon!!! how come you're so nervous about exams was you who tol

恭 喜 媽 媽 / DGS musical / DBS homecoming

[monday, 23 may 2005] 恭 喜 媽 媽 ! ! ! ! :) :) :) - 有 邊 個 會 去 聽 DGS 145th Anniversary's Musical??? - 有 無 人 知 Homecoming Concert 幾 月 幾 號 ???


[wednesday, 25 may 2005] one more subject to go 我的 adrenaline 還可撐多久?

31 August 2005 05:30


[saturday, 28 may 2005] 今天是你畢業的大日子 也是我大試考完的日子 :) :) :) 多謝 natalie 我欠你很多 (...$$$) hahaha 我是香港人 但竟然不知香港事 新的“中環價值” 我今天才發現 ...

what to do in summer

[sunday, 29 may 2005] my incomplete summer, with dates confirmed: may 30th, boardgames with kirk and friends june 1st - 30th law firm internship june 4th attend candlelight vigil june 6th ticon back? june 8th buy tickets for trio toykeat

boardgaming + dgs visit + lkj's email

[tuesday, 31 may 2005] yesterday: almost ten hours non-stop boardgaming with kirk, kris, kitty, ava and yorkie...XDDD....from ticket to ride europe 2005 to carcassonne to bohnanza to san juan...jung yau contract bridge......haha so bin visi


[wednesday, 01 june 2005] tiring faces after the first day...

31 August 2005 05:15

維 園 見 !

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[friday, 03 june 2005] 以史為鑑‧毋忘六四 mv 2:46s 13.5mb Blood is on the Square

人心不死 燭光不滅

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[saturday, 04 june 2005] 無論雨 怎麼打 自由仍是會開花

放 開 點

[monday, 06 june 2005] 媽 媽 說 ,他 要 我 等 這 麼 久 ,我 應 該 放 開 點 。我 想 , 所 謂 的 與 風 , 就 是 這 個 意 思 吧 . . . . . .

coping with stress

[monday, 06 june 2005] my ways of coping with short-term stress: - play with my cat (you guessed it) XDDD - read my little bro's blog - read m______'s xanga (thou shalt not be named...hahahha) - meet up with some long-lost friends :) - revisit DG -

a productive day

[tuesday, 07 june 2005] an extremely productive day!!! completed ALL THREE tasks due today and tmr...this includes researching on whether HK courts are bound by decisions made by japanese appellate courts and whether an action on 'money had and received'

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