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Thames Gate Films - Independent film - Home

Thames Gate Films - Independent film - Home #filmmakers #indiefilm #productioncompanies #UK

Tod Brilliant Creative

Tod Brilliant Creative | Photographs, mostly Polaroids, and creative work from Tod Brilliant.

## yuri vieira ##

## yuri vieira ## | A scorpio urantian libertarian writer and filmmaker, or just another God's son... (Escritor, cineasta e palpiteiro paulistano exilado nessa cidade aí ó...)


When Everything Goes Right at

"House of D | David Mamet likes her house. So what if it’s for a crime? | Written by Nancy De Los Santos | (From the October 2007 issue of “Written By“)"

Strike Over at

"The WGA Writers Strike is officially over, as reported by The Economist:"

WGA Strike | Beginning of the End? at

"Positive Sign Or Picket Sign? | WGA Slates Weekend Meetings For Members; Fingers Crossed For Strike Settlement"

Writers Strike Latest on

Wikipedia says the 2007-2008 WGA Writers Strike has cost $1b | “The current strike has lasted 13 weeks and 1 day, as of February 5, 2008. The last such strike in 1988 lasted 21 weeks and 6 days, costing the American entertainment industry an estimated $500 million ($870 million in 2007 dollars).