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19 April 2008 - Free address geocoding / geo-metatags / geotags / kml files!

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Hi folks, Logojust want to tell you a little bit more about my latest application which was born out of the following problem: Everytime I created a map and geotags for a customers website, I had problems with quick & easy geocoding his positi

16 April 2008

Cross Domain XML

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Adobe Flash Player can be used to create applications that load data from public services and APIs. Flash can load data across domains on a permission basis (permission from the server). This is done by the server having a small crossdomain.xml file that

Topic: location scout - MyBlogLog

Topic: location scout | New with Topic: location scout | R. Richard Hobbs | R. Richard Hobbs bookmarked links | Location Scouting and Management ... - Google Book Search .".. the larger production centers around the country... such as New York, Los Ang...

ezHTMLarea - Free Online WYSIWYG HTML Editor / Web Page Builder

Create/edit HTML content from your browser! No programming necessary. | If you can use Microsoft Word, then you can use ezHTMLarea!

10 April 2008

PeopleBrowsr for Twitter

Twitter ID | Twitter Password | Reasons why PeopleBrowsr rocks: | * It's more fun * It's more dynamic * I don't miss stuff * I can search easily

Welcome to TwitterDigest

TwitterDigest is a way to post your daily twitter posts to your blog.

Blog Header Generator: Spiff up your blog with a custom header

Create a custom blog header for your Wordpress 1.5 or higher blog with your own photos. Just choose or upload a photo and then download your new header graphic. Please send suggestions for additional blog templates to support.

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09 April 2008


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WeFi is creating the first open global WiFi network

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