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The Social Software Weblog

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The Social Software Weblog - it's about who you know


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Ziki + Other Social Networking Websites at is one of them newfangled mashup social software web 2.0 thingamajiggers ;-) dang internets


Import links from a twitter timeline to your account.

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Create and embed Flickr slideshows in 3 steps.

Twitter:あいこんりすと α TwitterのIDをいれるとfollowしてる人の一覧を表示するよ!protectedの人は表示できないよ!protectを解除してから試してね!ここは何?|@dk19810313Twitter ID:* followingが多い方

Cross Domain XML

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Adobe Flash Player can be used to create applications that load data from public services and APIs. Flash can load data across domains on a permission basis (permission from the server). This is done by the server having a small crossdomain.xml file that