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InBaseline - The Industry's TV and Movie Database

InBaseline - The Industry's TV and Movie Database #filmindustry #tv #directories #InBaseline


location scout linkit- at

"short version: location scout linkit ( | New York City and Northeast US Film Offices | misc location scouting and film production resources"

NY Times Media + Advertising Section at

"New York Times Media and Advertising | Essential reading for location scouts or anyone involved in media production, photography, video, especially if your work base involves working on ads or commercials - it’s, like, your “world”…"

Great Places Directory

"Welcome to Great Places Online...your virtual destination to find the ultimate event destination! Here you’ll discover the latest ideas and resources to create your next inspired event."

Coudal Partners at

"I LIKE THIS WEBSITE | Coudal Partners (Chicago, IL) | HEY GUYS - Headed to New York anytime soon? | I am a location scout" Static/ProductionGuide-ZA.html

"This first guide is the ultimate source for all your production needs in South Africa - providing valuable information on everything you can expect to find when you get to your location including; finances, people, places and equipment and how to get hold of them."

Screen Digest at

“Screen Digest is the pre-eminent source of business intelligence, research and analysis on global audiovisual media."

Screen Digest

Screen Digest: Global Media Intelligence on Broadband Digital Media, Television, Games, Video and DVD, Film and Cinema (Movies), Mobile Digital Media International Production Crew Resource at International Production Crew Resource at