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February 2009

Brooklyn Hall of Fame

Brooklyn Hall of Fame

October 2008

September 2008

Flickr: 台北市電影委員會Taipei Film Commission

Be it about location scouting, tax credit, traffic control or advertisement broadcasting, the TFC is committed to do its best to make your movie-making project in Taipei as rewarding and successful as possible.

August 2008

You’re not looking for them, but I found your two dogs at

"best of craigslist | s.f. bayarea | You’re not looking for them, but I found your two dogs. | …via StopDesign | Originally Posted: Thu, 16 Aug 10:19 PDT"

Mike Veeck at

"Reader’s Digest - Characters: The King of Swing | Mike Veeck brings crazy back to baseball. | By Andy Simmons | From Reader’s Digest March 2008"

Tennessee Birdwalk at

"...Don’t ask me what genetically foretold chemical imbalance made me today recall listening to Tennessee Birdwalk in 1970..."

Coudal Partners at

"I LIKE THIS WEBSITE | Coudal Partners (Chicago, IL) | HEY GUYS - Headed to New York anytime soon? | I am a location scout"

Kubrick - Scratching the Surface at

"Michael Heilemann | Kubrick | I have always been fascinated by the work and life of film director Stanley Kubrick. | Looks like Michael found the motherlode. | Thanks Michael!"

WordPress gets $29Mil at

"WordPress Planet | Mark Jaquith: Automattic secures $29.5 million B round | Posted in Automattic, funding, new york times, old media, venture capital by Mark Jaquith on January 23rd, 2008"

Paper Art at

"Peter Callesen | Selected Works | … by way of Little Wing"

In Passing: Sherman Torgan at

"Google News : Sherman Torgan | New Beverly Cinema (Los Angeles, CA) owner Sherman Torgan died suddenly on July 18, 2007 while bicycling in Santa Monica, CA."

June 2008

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