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Digital Arts

Digital Arts - comprehensive coverage of the art of graphic design, 3D, animation, video, effects, web and interactive design, in print and online.

Outtasite Geocoder at

# ...WorldKit Geocoder # …more toys ( # …via MetaFilter…

NY Times Media + Advertising Section at

"New York Times Media and Advertising | Essential reading for location scouts or anyone involved in media production, photography, video, especially if your work base involves working on ads or commercials - it’s, like, your “world”…"

Programmable Web at

"While I am on this techy binge (I really probably oughta be doing something more immediately useful like..."

ProgrammableWeb - Mashups, APIs, and the Web as Platform

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ProgrammableWeb - Mashups, APIs, and the Web as Platform | blogs tools communities news resources web2.0 mashups apis webdev programming technology

More Art Galleries Than You Can Shake a Stick at at

"Doing location research lately looking for an art gallery in New York City with a certain architectural element to use as a location for a photo shoot and stumbled on Chelsea Art Galleries."

Screen Digest at

“Screen Digest is the pre-eminent source of business intelligence, research and analysis on global audiovisual media."

The SEO Mindset for Artists: Are You Ready for A Long Haul?

The SEO Mindset for Artists: Are You Ready for A Long Haul?

Filmmaking Resource Center and Monthly Ezine

I'm Peter D. Marshall and I have worked in the Film and TV Industry for over 34 years as a: Film and Television Director | TV Series Creative Consultant | Television Producer | First Assistant Director

Pardon Our Dust : Los Angeles Times : Rent your house out for movies, TV or commercials? How to earn $2,000 to $4,000 per day

"There are advantages and disadvantages to life in SoCal. In the plus column: There are a lot of TV shows, movies and commercials that need houses in which to shoot "on location." And that means you — if your house meets the criteria — could make some