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Streetsblog is a daily news source, online community and political mobilizer for the global Livable Streets movement.

Village Voice at

"The Village Voice is a long time published newspaper “(Wikipedia - The Village Voice)"

NY Times T Magazine at

"The ultimate destination for all things related to style. The new site combines the visually rich, dynamic content of the award-winning magazine with interactive multimedia..."

Photo District News - Newswire at

"Photo District News (PDN) provides a Newswire section of content of likely interest to professional photographers."

It’s Freezing - Literally at

"Improv Everywhere on location in Grand Central Station, NYC | …via Internal Monologue via Sphere via YouTube"

Brownstoner at

“ is a site about Brooklyn real estate and renovation, and all the tangential topics that impact life inside and outside the home in Brooklyn."

NYC MOFTB Proposed Permit Rules at

"Lots of changes have been in the works at the New York City Mayors Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting (MOFTB), not the least of which is an apparent effort to actually place into city code many of its normal policies and practices."

NYC MOFTB Online Film Permits Announced at

"The New York City Mayors Office of Film, Theatre and Broadcasting (MOFTB) recently announced a new online film permit system" at

"For whatever reason, has been picking up on my blog posts lately (or someone has been been mapping them…)"

More Art Galleries Than You Can Shake a Stick at at

"Doing location research lately looking for an art gallery in New York City with a certain architectural element to use as a location for a photo shoot and stumbled on Chelsea Art Galleries."

New York Art at

"New York Magazine | online art events and news | via Theresa Raffetto"