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02 April 2009 15:00

The Brooklyn Paper: City yells “Cut!” on filming in South Williamsburg

South Williamsburg is no longer a Hollywood backlot. #locationscouting #Brooklyn #news

23 April 2008 23:15

Movie Location Scout - Nancy Haecker - Las Vegas

Scouting | Las Vegas | By Amy Graff | As a location scout in Las Vegas, Nancy Haecker has matched scripts with locales for films such as 3000 Miles to Graceland and America's Sweethearts. Currently, she's assisting director Steven Soderbergh (Traffic and

10 April 2008 05:45

locationscouting - Zimbio

"R. Richard Hobbs New York City area film location scout, film location ... Hardly anyone, leastly a location scout would argue that New York City has a ..."


The location scouting process begins very early in the creation of a motion .... Location Managers in New York City are in the Directors Guild of America. ...

10 April 2008 01:45

Pardon Our Dust : Los Angeles Times : Rent your house out for movies, TV or commercials? How to earn $2,000 to $4,000 per day

"There are advantages and disadvantages to life in SoCal. In the plus column: There are a lot of TV shows, movies and commercials that need houses in which to shoot "on location." And that means you — if your house meets the criteria — could make some

04 April 2008 02:00

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22 April 2007 00:30 » film locations and production

Location Scout, Location Manager, Location Library and Production Services- R. Richard Hobbs :: » film locations and production

14 April 2007 11:15

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